Z is an Anti-Alice Organzation (AAO) that opposes Gakuen Alice. Z plays an important part in the Z arc when Mikan, Natsume, Ruka, Tsubasa, and Penguin invade their headquarters. Z stands for Zero.


Yuka Azumi

Main article: Yuka Azumi

She is the mother of Mikan Sakura and has the Stealing Alice, which she uses to steal the alices of the ESP clones. She also has the Instant Teleportation Alice. She is now deceased.

Shiki Masachika

Main article: Shiki Masachika

Shiki is a member of Z, because he wants to stay by Yuka's side always. He has many alices that are inserted by Yuka. He now works for the High School Principal and resides in the academy.

Reo Mouri

Main article: Reo Mouri

He is a singer/actor who went to the academy and attempted to kidnap Natsume. He has the Voice Pheromone Alice.


Main article: Mihara

Mihara has the Stone Conversion Alice that allows him to turns things to stone and is nicknamed Medusa.


Main article: Ishimori

He is the one who hit Hotaru Imai with the poison bullet. He was aiming at an academy worker, but was about to hit Mikan instead.


Main article: Shidō

He is one of Reo's agents and has the Barrier Alice. Like Reo, he also attended Gakuen Alice.

Z's boss

Main article: Z's Boss


He is the unnamed boss of Z. With him being the son of a clone of the ESP, this has also caused hatred. The ESP has no control over him. Z's boss is an alice, but his is currently unknown. He, like the ESP, wants Yuka to accomplish his goals.

Z's Boss and his organization attacked the school during the High School Divison Arc. It is revealed that he intends on taking over the academy so he can use the Students' Alices for Z's own benefit.

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