It was a little weird when I bought new Alice Academy parts with coloured covers of my fave charas.

At first: Hotaru had violett eyes. I guess that was the first thing that confused me. No, wait, it wasn't the first thing... occuring in chronic. There were a few mistakes way before that.

1. Didn't Mikan have dark-blonde hair? On the cover her hair's as blonde as Luca-pyon's.

Then it was a bit weird to see that Natsume's hair wasn't hjust black or dark-brown, no, it was kinda violett or blue. Awkward.

I got used to those surprisingly happenings - until things got really strange.

I mean they didn't even make sense!!

Part 15: Since when does Misaki-chan have pink hair? -.-

Dude, in part 6 she took Gulliver Bonbons to play Mikan. I don't think she coloured her hair blond to do that. -_- Anyway, Mikan's hair is longer than hers!


It's absolutely senseless that Subaru's BLONDE with damn BLUE eyes!! He's Hotaru's brother, so he should have BLACK hair and VIOLETT eyes... at least brown. Even in the anime his hair's BLUE.

But even if he even COULD look extremely different... why did Higuchi ever draw him with dark hair if he's that BLONDE?

The german translators didn't finish more that 17 parts, yet. But still wuth everything that already happened... I don't want to live on this planet anymore. 0.0
Hotaru subaru

Subaru & Hotaru

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