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    Awkward Moment 3

    July 21, 2013 by Nikan-fan

    It was a little weird when I bought new Alice Academy parts with coloured covers of my fave charas.

    At first: Hotaru had violett eyes. I guess that was the first thing that confused me. No, wait, it wasn't the first thing... occuring in chronic. There were a few mistakes way before that.

    1. Didn't Mikan have dark-blonde hair? On the cover her hair's as blonde as Luca-pyon's.

    Then it was a bit weird to see that Natsume's hair wasn't hjust black or dark-brown, no, it was kinda violett or blue. Awkward.

    I got used to those surprisingly happenings - until things got really strange.

    I mean they didn't even make sense!!

    Part 15: Since when does Misaki-chan have pink hair? -.-

    Dude, in part 6 she took Gulliver Bonbons to play Mikan. I don't think she co…

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  • Nikan-fan

    Awkward moment 2

    June 25, 2013 by Nikan-fan

    The awkward moment when I realized that the summer school uniform isn't the same as Higuchi promised in the first part. It was different and will never be as we expected it.

    There's another fail in the first part: Do you know the map of the Academy which was shown in the first part? Once I searched there for some places - which wasn't there. They just wasn't.

    It was a little awkward - I'm a hardcore fangirl, so I don't want my fave fandom to have so many mistakes (f.e. in "Awkward moment 1" and mabes in a few blog posts I'm gonna make.)

    So, what was missing in the map... the palace of Hī-sama... certainly some places for the other principals... the places, where Hī-sama wanted to hang out with her flower princesses... sth like that, you know. …

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    Awkward moment 1

    June 21, 2013 by Nikan-fan

    The awkward moment when I realized that the mind reader didn't smile in the entire first book.

    (I mean... it's the mind reader! Without his smile, he has nothing but his alice! And even that's not the same without his chronic smile!! Until chapter 6 [when he started to smile a little] he was a nobody!!!!)

    By the way: Didn't they tell us that Sumire was the one who made him laugh all the time? It seems like she failed!!

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