Heyyy everyonee!!! Bear told me about this wiki! You guys probably now me as Mikann Sakura! hehe(: I am sooooooooo verrrrryy excited that I was able to post and make an account on here! I even have my own info pagee!! So I'll check here every few days or so, to see what you guys comment or post! I cannnnoott believe how miuch infooo is on here!! That's reashurring (<--I know I spelt that wrong haha! Were's spellcheck when you need it!?) for me incase I forget something!!!! Anyyyywayyss, onward to the good stuffs >vv<



Sooo the new chapter of Gakuen Alice comes out the 17!!!! Aren't you excited? I know I am! I wonder what's going to happen to us next!!! you guys have any ideas how Tsubasa-senpai and Tono-senpai are gonna help Natsumeee? So anywayss 12 moreee dayss until the new chapter!! Its suree to be goooood



Some people are wondering what's going to happen to Natsume. I have no idea what's going to happen....I can't look into the future you know ;) But I pray everday for his safety. Him and I have plans for the future. I won't let fate step in the easily. All I can do is trust that Natsume can handle himself and continue to pray for him. Plus, he's in Tsubasa-senpai's hands! Tsubasa can help Natsume along with help from the rest of our class!!! I truely believe that things will turn out okay! They always doooo!!! <3



Do you wanna be friends!? It's kinda lonely up here in this labyrinth mansion (but I still love bear to pieces xD). You guys can askk questionss and talk to mee! I would looove looove loooove to hear from you!


And soo concludes my first blog post!!! I'll be posting pictures and trying to contribute to this


wiki! I loook forwardd to talking with you guyss!!!! <3 :D

Keep smiling :D

~Mikann Sakuraa <3

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