There is no definite timeline within the series. However, because Higuchi started working on the series in 2003, it is believed that the series starts off in that same year. The Gakuen Alice DVD collection was release on June 30, 2009 in North America. It is believed that the series starts off the year 2009.


Historical Timeline
Year Season Month Events
? ? ?
  • Alice Academy is built for children with a unique ability called an Alice
? ? ?
  • Kuonji becomes the Elementary School Principal
? ? ?
  • Himemiya becomes the Junior High Principal
1964 Autumn November
1969 Summer August
1971 Winter December
  • Jinno (-sensei) is born on the 24th
1974-75 ? ?
  • Kazumi Yukihira transfers to Alice Academy
1977 Winter February
  • Kaoru Igarashi is born on the 11th
    • Enters in the academy at a young age.
1978 Summer August
  • Noda (-sensei) is born on the 25th
Autumn September
1980s ? ?
  • Kazumi Yukihira becomes the Senior High Principal
1981 Winter February
Spring April
Summer July
1983 Summer August
Autumn September
  • Misaki (-sensei) is born on the 3rd
1987 ? ?
  • Yuka Azumi is abandoned at the academy by her parents.
Summer August
  • Reo Mori is born on the 20th
1986 Spring April
  • Rei Seiro (Persona) is born the 13th and is abandoned at the academy by his parents without naming him
    • Later imprisoned in the Hanahime Den (Hanazono)
1991 Spring April
Autumn October
1992 Winter January
Spring ?
  • Izumi Yukihira meets his brother, Kazumi Yukihira, for the first time
  • Izumi Yukihira enters the academy as an elementary teacher. He becomes the moderator for the Special Ability class and becomes Yuka's teacher.
  • Yuka meets and befriends Luna Koizumi.
Autumn October
1995 ?
  • The Elementary Principal discovers that Yuka Azumi has the Stealing Alice and forces her to steal other people's Alices.
  • Yuka Azumi is later saved by Izumi Yukihira, and she begins to fall in love with him, and he begins to feel the same way about her, even though he knows it is wrong.
Winter February
Spring June
Summer July
1996 Winter January
Autumn September
1997 Spring April
1998 Winter March
  • Kaoru Igarashi graduates from Alice Academy
Spring ?
  • Yuka Azumi is saved from the Elementary Principal by Kaoru Igarashi and becomes a favorite of the Middle School Principle.
  • After the ESP warns her that she won't escape from him, Yuka Azumi confesses her love to Izumi Yukihira. He rejects her at first, but then returns her feelings, and they begin a relationship.
  • Izumi Yukihira introduces Yuka Azumi to Rei Serio (Persona) who is imprisoned because of his Alice.
Summer August
  • Izumi Yukihira is killed by Rei Seiro after the Elementary Principal manipulates him that it was Izumi's fault that Rei was locked up and seen as a danger.
  • Izumi Yukihira's death is ruled a suicide, but when Yuka learns the truth, she places several Alice stones in the ESP. 
  • Yuka Azumi escapes from the academy, and discovers that she is pregnant with Izumi Yukihira's child. She ends up living with Kaoru and her husband.
1999 Spring May
Autumn September
  • Yuka flees with Mikan to not cause any more burdens to Kaoru, who is ill and pregnant.
  • Natsume Hyūga is born on the 27th
2000 Winter Janurary
  • Yuka Azumi leaves her daughter, Mikan, with an elderly man to protect her from being captured by the academy.
  • Mikan Yukihira is adopted by the man as his granddaughter and is renamed Mikan Sakura.
2001 Winter March
Spring May
2002 ? ?
  • Kaoru dies in a car accident at the age of 24-25.
  • Yuka Azumi vows revenge against the Elementary Principle for taking away all the people she loved most.
  • Along with Masachika Shiki, Yuka Azumi joins the Z Organization.
Winter December
  • Kaname Sonō creates Mr. Bear on the 25th
2007 Spring April
2008 ? ?
  • Yōichi Hijiri is enrolled at Alice Academy
Spring April
  • Hotaru transfers to Mikan's school in the countryside of Kyoto Prefecture
  • Natsume Hyūga transfers to Ruka Nogi's school
Autumn September
  • Aoi Hyūga transfers to Ruka Nogi's school
  • Aoi Hyūga absorbs the Prototype Amplification Alice Stone and causes the village fire
  • Natsume Hyūga and Ruka Nogi transfer to Gakuen Alice
2010 Winter March
  • Hotaru Imai leaves Kyoto Prefecture
Spring April
  • Hotaru Imai transfers to Gakuen Alice
Summer August
  • Mikan Sakura receives her first letter from Hotaru in six months
  • Mikan Sakura runs away from home to Tokyo
Autumn September
  • Mikan Sakura officially enrolls in Gakuen Alice
  • Alice Festival
    • Hotaru Imai wins Rookie of the Year Award
    • Special Abilities Class wins Special Award
  • First Term Exams
  • Z Arc
    • After Z attacks the school and Hotaru becomes severally ill, Mikan tracks down Z's hideout with the help of Natsume, Ruka, and Tsubasa. While there, she encounters her mother, Yuka, but is unaware of their relationship. They manage to get the antidote to save Hotaru.
  • While preparing for the Christmas party, Mikan Sakura meets Nobara Ibaragi.
  • Christmas Ball
    • During the Christmas party, Mikan Sakura recieves a kiss on the cheek from Yoichi Hijiri and Ruka Nogi. She later dances with Natsume and accidently kisses him from falling on him. They later had a real, kiss.
    • Mikan Sakura encounters the Elementary Principal for the first time, and he warns her about losing something important to her.
2011 Winter January
  • Mikan Sakura celebrates her "birthday"
  • Hotaru Imai and Mikan Sakura are invited to the Hanakozaki - Hana Hime Festival
  • Hotaru Imai is initiated as a Hana Hime (Flower Princess)
  • Mikan Sakura awakens her Stealing Alice.
  • Aoi Hyūga is returned to her father.
  • Natsume Hyūga chooses to stay at the academy.
  • Mikan, now 16, enters high school with no memories of Alice Acacemy, but occassionally has flashbacks. When she is attacked by kidnappers, she is saved by Natsume, Narumi, and Goshima, who have been secretly watching her in order to protect her. She also reunites with Ruka, Tsubasa, and Tono, and they admit that they have come to take her back to the academy because they vowed to meet up with her again. Determined to bring back Mikan's memories, Natsume gives her the tiny Alice stone she gave him when they were 11, and when it is absorbed into her hand, she regains her memories. With that, Mikan shares a happy reunion with her friends, and she and Natsume resume their relationship. After finding out about Hotaru's sacrifice and disappearance, Mikan vows to find her, and begins searching for her, with Natsume and Ruka by her side.

Spring of 2010: Hotaru enrolls in the academy to save their school from being demolished. Mikan is unable to handle the seperation and goes to the academy to find her herself. After initially failing to prove she is an Alice, Narumi concludes she is an Alice and had her officially enrolled.

Fall of 2010: Mikan's first few months are rocky: she is contantly bullied, disliked by the teachers, and tormented by Natsume. However, she gradually makes a lot of friends and slowly earns the respect of her classmates and teachers by her hardwork and deternimation. Natsume begins to fall in love with Mikan and she begins to feel the same way.

Spring of 2011: Luna, temporarily turned back into a child, enrolls in Mikan's class as a new student to spy on her for the ESP. She pulls dangerous pranks on Mikan and frames her for bad things during the Sports Festival. She also causes problems between Mikan and Natsume by threatening to harm Mikan if Natsume doesn't obey her. Eventually, everyone realizes what Luna is and stay away from her.

Summer of 2011: The Elementary Principle realizes that Mikan (now 12) has the Stealing Alice and decides to move her into the Dangerous Ability class and use her Alice. Natsume saves her and they run to the MSP, who teleports them, along with Hotaru and Ruka, to the HSP. Mikan discovers that the HSP is her uncle, and her parents are his late younger brother and Yuka Azumi. She and her friends travel to the past with Nodacchi to see her mother's past, revealing her being abandoned at the academy as a child to her love story with Izumi as a teenager,a nd eventual escape and Mikan's birth. Mikan decides to leave the academy with her mother in order to protect her friends. However, before they can, Yuka dies from an explosion caused by Goshima. To ensure the students's safety, Shiki offers to be the new MSP and protect the school from Z if the ESP stopped his corruption. The ESP accepts on the condition that Mikan is in his control, which Mikan accepts and she is later imprisoned in the Labyrinth Building.

December 24, 2011: Feeling saddened of Mikan's absence, Natsume goes to look for her and Shiki opens the barrier to let them see each other. They profess their love to each other and make a vow to be together forever. The ESP decides to invite Reo and Z to the the New Year's concert in order to form alligence with Z's boss.

January 1, 2012: Mikan's friends are shocked and horrified to discover that Reo is returning to the academy. Shiki reveals that the ESP and Z are having secret relations and maybe planning to put the academy in danger. After discovering that Z is planning to kill the ESP and control the students, Mikan's friends and classmates decide to confront the ESP and Z. Narumi, Shiki, and the HSP team up to kill the ESP to protect the students.

January 3, 2012: Everyone confronts the ESP and Z. Mikan escapes from her room to save Nobara from dying. All the students, except Natsume and Ruka, escape from the battle for their own safety while the boys help the teachers continue the battle against the ESP and Z. Persona convinces Mikan to let him help her escape from the academy after proving how sorry he is for his past deeds. Z's boss sacrifices himself to protect the ESP from Natsume. Natsume is fatally wounded and forces everyone out of the building after setting the ESP ablaze. Luna decides to take the ESP's soul to stop his evil. Mikan arrives on the scene just as Natsume dies. She sacrifices her Alices to save him, but it fails. Hotaru and Subaru go to the past to save him.

January, 2012: Mikan learns she will be expelled and her memories will be erased now that she has lost her Alice. She spends one last week with her friends; remembering her favorite memories, and constantly worrying if she will ever see Natsume again. Meanwhile, in the time flow, Hotaru, Subaru, and Nodacchi arrive at the moment when Natsume lost consciousness, and heal the past Natsume. The take the past one and leave the present one behind. Hotaru visits with Mikan one last time before she and Subaru sacrifice their lives to send Nodacchi and Natsume back to the present. As she leaves the academy, Mikan's memories are erased and she is returned to her village.

February, 2012: Nodacchi and Natsume return to the present, although Natsume is barely conscious. He is put in the hospital, and when he wakes up and learns of Mikan's departure, he is devastated and vows to find her.

Between 2012 and 2016: Nobara recovers from her illness, reunites with Persona, and gives birth to their daughter.

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