Higuchi Tachibana

Tachibana Higuchi

Tachibana Higuchi (樋口 橘 Higuchi Tachibana) is a mangaka and the creator of the manga/anime series Gakuen Alice or Alice Academy. Higuchi's first debuted with 5 Gatsu No Sakura in Bessatsu Hana to Yume. Her previous works are her known work M to N no Shouzou and collection of stories Swan Lake.

In the manga Higuchi puts side information on her life and characters in Gakuen Alice called Higuchi's Room. In every chapter and episode of Gakuen Alice she makes a cameo as a student with a pig head named Buta (Buta ブタ?). Buta is part of the Hana Hime, given the name "Tachibana no Kimi"

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