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Sumire Shōda

正田 スミレ


Shōda Sumire






Female Female


11 (Debut)
12 (Chapter 89)
16 (Chapter 180)


140 cm (Debut)
149 cm (Age 12) 163 cm (Final Chapter)


36 kg (Debut)
40 kg (Age 12) 61 kg (Final Chapter)


May 31



Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type



Cat-Dog Constitution Alice

Alice Type

Somatic Ability

Alice Stone Color


Alice Academy

Alice Academy-Elementary School

Star Rank

Double Star
Special Star (Chapter 180)


B Class
Somatic Ability



Personal Status



Older Brother
Kokoroyomi (Boyfriend)




Chapter 003


Episode 03

Voice Actor

Chiwa Saitō

Sumire Shouda  (正田 スミレShōda Sumire) is a student of Alice Academy, specifically one of Mikan's classmates. She is the (possibly self-appointed) president of the Natsume and Ruka fan club, and often referred to as Permy, a nickname Mikan gives her because of her curly front hair.


Sumire is known for her elitist, controlling, and overall disagreeable attitude. Mainly disliked by her peers, Sumire generally stands on her firm belief that Alices are superior to all other regular humans and will not hesitate to press this opinion upon her classmates. This is such a strong belief of Sumire's that she will quickly retaliate whenever a student displays less then full Alice pride. Sumire is also quick-tempered, as well as showing protection and admiration for Ruka and Natsume (possibly the only two people Sumire actually respects). Despite being overall quite proud, the student has been shown to be embarrassed of her Alice and its more primitive appearance.

Although Sumire is received negatively by peers, she is also somewhat respected and followed for her strong will and leadership qualities. For example, when Mikan first arrives at the Academy, the class does not hesitate to follow Sumire's orders to pick on her and beat her up.



As with all other students of Alice Academy, Sumire wears the typical Elementary-aged uniform: a black coat-like top with a white sailor cuff, red bow, red tartan skirt, and black knee-high boots. She has short dark green hair with several distinctive curly, long strands at the front (this is the cause for her nickname, Permy). In the manga, her hair grows a little longer. Her bangs are cut straight across, reaching the top of her eyebrows. Sumire's eyes are a dark green color.

When using her Alice, Sumire gains cat whiskers on her face and brown dog ears that protrude from her head. The qualities vanish when the Alice is no longer in affect.


In the Northern Woods Arc at the beginning of the series, Sumire plays a minimal role other then as the first major enemy of Mikan's (other then Natsume). Her hate for Mikan begins when she yells at Natsume, causing Sumire and the rest of the class to retaliate back. When Mikan said she does have an Alice, Sumire is outraged when Mikan refused to give her proof. Sumire explained to Mikan that ordinary people should not be in the Academy, and Alices are the elite race.

After Northern Woods Arc

Sumire made Mochiage use his Alice to levitate a trash can to hit Mikan, when suddenly Mikan used her Alice and the trash can landed on Jinno-sensei's head instead. She laughed when Jinno-sensei made Mikan a No Star. She participates in Mikan's dodgeball game on Natsume's team. Sumire is shown to be the second person that Mikan doesn't want to befriend, with the first being Natsume. Permy then laughs at Mikan when Natsume burned her hair. It is later known that Permy's brother is revealed as the one who bullied Mikan while Mikan was trying to find her abilities classroom.

Reo Arc

Sumire was the one who told Mikan of Natsume being put in the hospital due to "overworking" himself. During Mikan's misson to meet Reo, Sumire bumps into Mikan at the hospital. Sumire is surprised to see Mikan and drops a camera and autograph book hinting at that she wanted to meet Reo too, but Sumire claims that she was going to visit Natsume. The two girls witness Reo kidnap Natsume, causing them to escape the academy to save Natsume. Sumire tells Mikan to go back to the academy, but the two fight about who she go and stay until they get caught by Makihara-sensei. The duo escape only when Ruka uses his Alice to make a crow hit Makihara-sensei's head and a bunch of other crows start hurting the people behind him. This allows them time to escape from Makihara-sensei's hold. Mikan and Sumire then chase after the limosine and are kidnapped. They wake up tied up next to Natsume and hear Reo speaking to other people about selling Mikan and Sumire offshore as slaves and making Natsume work with his organization against Alice Academy. Sumire tried to use her Alice see where they were, but Natsume stated that her Alice was being cancelled by a barrier Alice. Sumire then uses her Alice and smells gun powder in two warehouses south of where they were as the kidnappers talk and Natsume tells the two girls to run for it. While Mikan wants to go back for Natsume, Sumire wants to get help. After they split, Sumire gets captured (later to be revealed to be a policeman who was following them). At the hospital in Mikan's room, Sumire explains that Natsume is alright and was proud of Mikan when she becomes a One Star student.

Alice Festival


Sumire at the Alice Festival

Sumire arrives at the Special Ability class RPG with Ruka and Narumi. She was wearing fake cat ears, which Mikan points out about the similarity with her Alice, and Sumire then points back at Mikan's outfit. The three say they only came to kill time.

Sumire becomes one of the first contestants for the SA class RPG and her weapon is earplugs. Her opponent is a middle-school student who tells bad jokes and puns, but his Alice makes you laugh. Her challenge is not speak or laugh for 3 minutes, and using her earplugs, she makes it. She then does some crowd control, because she had nothing to do and tried to hug Natsume, but she failed at this.


Sumire dressed as Sleeping Beauty.

She plays Sleeping Beauty in their class play and was one of the original members not to become a victim to the slime ball incident. During the play, Sumire plays her evil character, Sleeping Beauty, well because Narumi convinced her that only a great actress could play these types of characters.

Christmas Ball Arc

Sumire is a part of who can give Natsume the best late birthday present. She gives Natsume a locket with her picture in it, which he discards.

Sumire is on the Decorating Team and is seen using her Alice to decorate tree by climbing it. Sumire asks Natsume to dance with her and is promptly ignored.

Graduation Band

Sumire acts bossy when the class makes a band for Yura's graduation ceremony. After being insulted by Koko and the others, she leaves to make her own band that Jinno only allows to play at the graduation. While looking in photo albums, it is learned that Sumire changed Koko into a always smiling person when she was partners with him. At the graduation, the buddha robot that her band is playing in malfunctions. Koko notices that she regrets this and the two bands play together. While playing there, Koko apologizes to Sumire, which causes her to mess up while playing the violin.

Sports Festival

During the Obstacle Race, Sumire was able to put her Alice to use by easily jumping over the obstacles. In the next challenge where you have to carry a ball and make it to the next runner, she had trouble catching the ball. Sumire then apologizes to Ruka for being late, but he says to her not to worry and that he will do his best. Sumire, like everyone else, is worried about Natsume being around Luna. At the horseback race event, Sumire gains 20 points for the White Team.

Escape Arc


Sumire was in Tobita's body.

When the Tehoran causes trouble, Sumire is annoyed by this and she, along with many others, gets her bodies switched when they fall into a trap. She gets her body switched with linchou, and during the search for Bear, Sumire, while in Natsume's body, notices that his body is very weak.

She and everyone else follow Mikan when she gets taken to the ESP's office. Permy then help Natsume and Mikan escape to the Middle school section and fights Luna using her Predisposition Cat-Dog Alice.

High School Division Arc

To allow Youichi the chance to escape and be safe along with Natsume and Mikan, Sumire was captured by the Student Police. She is then put into a prison along with the rest of the people who helped Natsume and Mikan escape. Sumire is unconscious while Koko cries saying "Permy" and Kitsuneme, who is also unconscious, to wake up.


Sumire at age 16

Christmas Dance Arc

Sumire is seen gushing at Natsume to dance with her at the Christmas Ball, but fails like always. She is sad like everyone else when reminded by linchou of Mikan's absence. She gives Mikan a Cinderella picturebook that Christmas.

Current Arc

Sumire is there to greet Mikan after she regains her memory. She is seen crying tears of joy when she sees Mikan again. 

It is revealed that she and Kokoroyomi are dating.


Sumire has a Predisposition Cat-Dog Constitution Alice that gives her enhanced hearing and smell, as well as increased flexibility, speed, and other athletic abilities. Tending to run on all fours when using her Alice, Sumire's alice also sprouts dog ears and cat whiskers on her face.

Sumire using her alice

It wasn't until episode 14 of the anime that Sumire used her Alice because she was embarrassed of her Alice, since she admitted it's not something she could use in public.


  • Sumire is Higuchi's second favorite character after Hotaru, because she isn't afraid to show her bad character.
  • She has a picture for the 15 year old drawings Higuchi drew during the Z arc.

    Sumire as a 15 year-old.

  • Sumire has stated that in the future she plans to be a police officer or investigator for the government.
  • Her Student ID number is 21AZ00512.


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