The Sports Festival is one of the three main events in Gakuen Alice.

It takes place in Spring time, and is a major event that all Gakuen Alice students look forward to. The school is split up into two teams, the Red team and the White team. The Red team consists of the Special Ability group and the Latent Ability group. The White team has the Somatic Ability group and the Technical Ability group. The Dangerous Ability types are aloud to choose which team to join and are split around 50/50. The Sports Festival includes events such as an obstacle course, relay race, a borrowing race, a cheerleading contest and "horse race".

During the festival all Alices are only allowed to use their Alice three times. They have a sticker on them that keeps track of the amount of times you have used your Alice. Once an Alice is udes three times, the sticker automatically becomes an Alice surpresser. If the Alice if used anyway the sticker burst causing the user to faint. That team is then disqualified fromt the event. If someone removes someone elses sticker on purpose their team will also be disqualified. Violence is also not allowed, and if you hurt someone, with or without you Alice, your team will be disqualified and you will recieve a punishment. Not included in the rules at the begining, but another way to be disqualified from an event is to have the wrong person participate in an event without permission or notification as shown in chapter 84 of the manga when Natsume accidentally takes place in the Borrowing race.

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