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Somatic Ability

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Somatic Alices include powers related to physical and pheromone manipulation. Basically, these Alices physically change/enhance their users, or the person the Alice is targeted at or connected to living things.


Narumi L. Anju

Main article: Narumi L. Anju

Narumi has the Pheromone Alice.


The Somatic class is not a main focus of the series, and so not many students with this Alice-type have been fully identified.

Hijiri Goshima

Main article: Hijiri Goshima

Hijiri is the representative of the Somatic Ability class and has the Metamorphosis Alice.

Ruka Nogi

Main article: Ruka Nogi

Ruka has the Animal Pheromone Alice.

Sumire Shōda

Main article: Sumire Shōda

Sumire has the Cat-Dog Alice.

Kaoru Nendo

Main article: Kaoru Nendo

He was seen briefly during the Z arc in the story and has the Warp Face Alice.

Yuri Miyazono

Main Article: Yuri Miyazono

Yuri has the Female Pheromone Alice, and is seen briefly during the Alice Festival.

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