Gender Genderless
Age 1?[1]
DOB Summertime[1]
Family Hotaru Imai (creator)
Anime No appearance
Manga Volume 6, Chapter 30

Penguin (Pengī ペンギー?) is a robot created by Hotaru Imai. His english translation is "Pengy".


Before Story

Pengy Returned

Pengy being returned.

Penguin was originally created by Hotaru for a client, but Penguin missed her so much that the client gave it back to her the day Mikan arrived. Hotaru said that returned items were useless.

Z Arc

Penguin's is first shown taking one of Iinchou's gifts and balancing it on its head and vacuuming. It is explained to one of Hotaru's returned items. Mikan Sakura and Penguin stared at it and they bond quickly.

When Hotaru is severely injured from the poisoned bullet and hospitalized, Penguin is seen crying as though it can feel her pain. It later goes to the hospital to see Hotaru and meets Natsume. Penguin is kicked by Natsume out of annoyance, but Hotaru informs Natsume that Penguin is expensive, so if it breaks Natsume will have to pay for it.


Penguin sacrifices itself to retrieve Hotaru's cure.

It gives Mikan, Natsume Hyūga, and Ruka Nogi Gullivers Candy from one of his compartments, so they could go to the High School Section disguised as High schoolers. Penguin in Hotaru's place was put on the mission to get Hotaru the cure for her illness. During the ordeal it is thought of as a burden throughout the mission. Examples would be that Penguin ate the groups food supply and that it gave Ruka and Tsubasa Ando grapes that contained alcohol. Penguin proved its worth when it risked its life to obtain Hotaru's cure when it fell into a pit and by doing this would let the group move on with the mission. In the winter, Mikan and her

The snow version of Penguin Mikan and her class made.

class made a snowman penguin and Hotaru said that she would not make another Penguin, since it would not be the same.


Penguin is a robot created by Hotaru Imai and has compartments to carry items. It is able to roll into ball and flatten its on body. Also Penguin has a penguin-shaped transmiter that is able to locate Penguin.


  • Penguin is thought to be the manga version of Amanatsu.


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