Luca Nogi

乃木 流架


Nogi Ruka


Himawari no Kimi (Sunflower Princess)




Male Male


8 (Chapter 63)
10 (Debut)[1]
11 (Chapter 74)
16 (Chapter 180)


140cm (Debut)
154cm (Age 11) 173cm (Final Chapter)


35kg (Debut)
42kg (Age 11) 66kg (Final Chapter)


March 16[1]



Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Blue

Blood Type



Animal Pheromone Alice
Barrier Alice (Temporary)

Alice Type

Somatic Ability

Alice Stone Color

Chestnut Brown

Alice Academy

Alice Academy - Elementary School

School Positions

OB (Chapter 180)

Star Rank

Triple Star


B Class

Professional Status

Alice Academy

Personal Status



Mr. Nogi (Father)
Mrs. Nogi (Mother)


Chapter 002


Episode 02

Voice Actor

Miwa Yasuda

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Note: Due to the lack of an L in Japanese, the 'subject of this article can be called Ruka Nogi or Luca Nogi

Luca Nogi (乃木 流架 Nogi Ruka) is Natsume's best friend. He, together with Natsume, has a crush on Mikan Sakura.

He has the Animal Pheromone Alice and is a bit embarrassed by it, but Natsume states it's a great Alice since it can help others rather than hurting them.

He is nicknamed Ruka-Pyon, because he always seen carrying a rabbit. As a child, Ruka was nicknamed Ru-chan.

Ruka is voiced by Miwa Yasuda in the anime.



Ruka is french from his mother's side. He has blonde hair that parts in the middle and light blue eyes. He wears the standard elementary uniform that consists of a black jacket, white collar with his red bow tied. He also wears red plaid pants and black boots. Ruka doesn't wear his three stars on his collar (thinking he didn't deserve it) and he later threw them out saying he's like Mikan, a No-Star.


Ruka is a little nicer and can be considered more bearable than his best friend Natsume. While Natsume is cold and distant, Ruka is warm and pleasant to people. Like Natsume, his classmates see him as serious and cool, but Ruka really isn't that type. He is an animal lover, which corresponds with his Alice. Ruka has been shown to be embarrassed by his Alice and Hotaru noted early on in the series that people never saw his Alice, but were aware of what his Alice was. When he meant Natsume he was embarrassed of his Alice, but was told by Natsume that his Alice was a gentle type that could help people. He often falls victim to Hotaru's blackmail when she takes pictures of him in embarrassing situations and selling them to his fan club for money. For that reason, he disliked Hotaru, even though he seems to befriend her as they try to save Mikan from the Elementary Principal.

He is a very loyal friend, especially to Natsume, and later Mikan. Ruka knows of Natsume's sacrifices and feels helpless that he can not help his friend. Such that, Ruka feels that he is a burden to Natsume because the school gave him his star rank based on making Natsume do dangerous missions and that the school threatens to harm Ruka if Natsume disobeys. Ruka even claims that when Natsume is in pain, he is in pain. When Mikan, back in the Northern Woods Arc, made a comment on Natsume's scary personality, Ruka was noticably angry at her words, because of how much of Natsume goes through. His loyalty is most admirable in the Hana Hime arc, where Ruka used mice to fight with, even though he hates using them for such things. But having his friends in danger had him make an exception. In addition to watching Natsume suffer, he is saddened to watch Mikan make unbearable sacrifices to protect her friends and suffer the consequences.

Gakuen alice v07 ch38 p18 je

Chapter 38, when Ruka accidentally gets drunk and gets jealous of Tsubasa

Almost immediately, Ruka becomes attached to Mikan due to her cuteness and cheerful personality. He makes attempts to befriend her and understand her, even if he thinks Natsume will oppose, after noticing that the academy is, too, targeting her. He tends to blush when he sees her in cute clothing or when she says something cute. While his feelings become that of romance, it makes him vulnerable for his fan club to tease him. When they realize they both love Mikan, Ruka and Natsume have a sort of rivalry over Mikan and both say they don't want to lose to each other. He even asked her if she would like to switch Alice stones with him during the Z arc, even though she didn't understand the meaning of the switch then (the switchers would be soulmates). However, while they look into Yuka's past, he discovers that Mikan and Natsume's mothers had been best friends and Nodacchi commented how of a miracle it was for Mikan and Natsume to meet in the academy. This makes Ruka realize that Mikan and Natsume were meant to be together. Telepathically, he allows Natsume to be with Mikan because Natsume needs Mikan and she needs him. He admitts to Mikan that he loves her but he tells her that Natsume is the only one for her and he will support them because he loves them both very much.


Before Story

Like many Alice children, Ruka was targeted by the academy and went through several kidnappings. All this caused his mother to be very protective of him. To get away from the academy, his family moved several times until settling into a small village. His mother used her money to buy around the clock guards for Ruka and keep guards around the house at all times. She also like to call him her Ru-chan. Around the village, he was quite famous for being an Alice. A girl called him the "pride of the village". However, due to the burden of being an Alice and of his mother's over-protectiveness, he began to feel like a bird trapped in a cage.

One day, when Ruka was eight, Natsume Hyūga moved into the village, and on the first day of school, saved him from kidnappers. By saving him, Natsume had to reveal that he, too, was an Alice. Before this kidnapping, a girl told Natsume that Ruka was an Alice. The similarity between the the two resulted in them becoming quick friends, along with his[Natsume's] sister, Aoi Hyūga. Natsume and Ruka's friendship grew which made his mother realize that she needs to let Ruka have freedom. On the day he spent his night over at Natsume's house, Aoi fell ill and her Alice burned the town down. He and Natsume helped civilians during the fire. However, Natsume took the blame for the fire to protect aoi and the civilans grew to hate him. When Ruka tried to defend him, Natsume purposely hit him at the hospital, so that Ruka wouldn't be troubled. Ruka chose to go to the academy with Natsume which his mother agrees to, seeing Ruka has grown up so much. He chooses to go because he wants to support Natsume. In the car, he and Natsume cried when they saw Mr. Hyūga, who is handicapped, run after the car and they vow to be strong.

Once they arrive at the academy, they are both looked down upon by the older students (Natsume for his rebellious attitude and Ruka for being friends with him). However, their classmates idolize them, but both pay little attention to them. Ruka tries to defend Natsume against the false rumors about him, but is prevented by Natsume. He is also aware of the dangerous missions Natsume does in order to prevent the ESP and Persona from harming Aoi and Ruka. This makes Ruka feel like he is becoming a burden to Natsume, but continues doing what he can do to support him.

Welcome to Gakuen Alice

He is ten years old when the series first begins. Ruka first is shown flying with the help of a huge bird and crashing into the window where Mikan Sakura and Natsume are. Natsume then asks him what took him so long and he says he asks who that person (Mikan) is and if she is an Alice. Ruka doesn't stop Natsume from bullying Mikan and even asks him to use his alice on her if she is bothering him. But he wonders why Natsume has not use his Alice on her right then. Natsume replies that it does not work. Natsume and Ruka then leave out the window when Misaki and Narumi arrive.

When Mikan is assigned to sit with them, she reacts with shock and dismay. They, on the other hand, are indifferent to it. When Natsume gives Mikan the task to go to the Northern Woods to prove to everyone she is and Alice, Ruka questions him about his reasons for it. He asks Natsume if something special about Mikan caught his attention, which Natsume denies.

Northern Woods

Ruka escapes from his class to go to the barn to see the animals, whom he gets friendly with. However, he hears the animals from the Northern Woods cry out that they are scared and he goes to the woods to help them. This turned out to be trap by Mikan, Hotaru, and Inchou (using his Ilusion Alice) who have been having trouble with the giant chick, Piyo. Hotaru remembered that Ruka has the animal pheromone alice and he gets captured by Mikan, Hotaru Imai, and Inchou. Ruka initially refuses to help them until Hotaru says that she will have to deal with Piyo with heer inventions. Ruka tells them not to look, but they do anyway without him knowing. The Middle School students take Piyo back and Ruka says goodbye. He becomes embarrassed when he saw that everyone was watching and runs away, but stopped by Hotaru who has a picture of what happened. Mikan gives in some insight that he seems nicer than Natsume and insults on how cold Natsume is, which makes Ruka upset at her. He says that she is has no right to talk that way about Natsume when she isn't the one who always suffers and has an unwanted Alice. When Natsume arrives at the scene and uses his Alice on the group, Ruka tries to convince Natsume to stop, but is unsuccesfull. When Natsume burns a rabbit accidentally, Ruka tries to help it. In the end Mikan's alice (Nullification) stops Natsume's flames. When Natsume wakes up Ruka helps Natsume back on his feet and the two leave before that guy (Persona) comes.

After the Northern Woods

He is in class when Natsume comes in with injuries that were not there before and is shocked. He tries to ask what happened, but Natsume assures him that he is alright. He sits quietly as Mikan is bullied mercilessly by their classmates and teachers, and earns a no star due to a prank done on her to make her teacher hate her. He later warns Mikan that she might be targeted, because what happened should of not made her a no star. By accident, Ruka is in Mikan's team for the dodgeball match when he was tring to go to on Natsume's team. Although he wanted to be on Natsume's team, Ruka encourages Mikan to keep trying when their team was losing. Like everyone else, he eventually gets into the game and has a good time.

Ruka sneaked into Mikan's room to give her food on Hotaru's request. He then helps Mikan who wants to escape by providing her a bird to escape and dressing as a girl to replace her. Unknown to him Hotaru took pictures and he confronts her in the next chapter. He and Hotaru find out about Narumi trying to leave to talk to Mikan's Grandfather.

Reo Arc

Gakuen alice v07 ch37 p28 jb

Ruka's Somatic Class is one of the most popular classes during the Alice Festival, so he has to help out a lot. However, he escapes during class to see Natsume, who skipped and is not allowed to participate in the festival. Along with Sumire and Youichi, Ruka goes to the hospital to see Natsume, who has fallen sick due to his illness. Later on, when Natsume is kidnapped by Reo, he helps Mikan and Sumire escape by having his bird friends distract their pursers. He stays in the teachers lounge with Hotaru and the teachers to keep in touch with Mikan about the situation. When Natsume denotiates the warehouse in anger over how Reo's men injured Mikan, they are returned to the academy and hospitalized. Ruka visits Mikan and thanks her for saving Natsume, showing his acceptance towards her and the first sign of his liking to her. .Alice Festival Arc


Ruka at the alice festival

Ruka smiles to Mikan and is more friendly with her days later, which makes a lot of stud

Ruka-pyon blushed when Mikan asked how does she looked.

ents aware that he is growing to like her. He, Sumire Shōda and Narumi go to the special classes RPG, because they had nothing to do. While there everyone commented how his bunny ears made him look cute (including Mikan which made him embarrassed). Ruka blushes when he sees her in her genie outfit and thinks she looks cute. He became one of the first challengers for the RPG game, his weapon was a rope. He lost on the first round, because he could not figure out which was the real Misaki Harada before time ran out.

Natsume and Ruka got jealous when Tsubasa squeeze Mikan :D

Ruka is playing Snow White in the a play and asks everyone not to come, but they do anyway, telling him how cute he is (putting him in a bad mood). A accident with slime balls occurs that put most of the cast out and having Mikan play the prince in the play. Mikan puts on her prince costume, which makes Ruka blush and he wanted to say she looked cute. The play starts and he and Mikan are in a tower scene with Permy/Sleeping Beauty saying she will separate them. In the next scene Ruka with the fake animals then the real animals that are in the

Ruka as Snow White.

audience come on stage and sing along. The scene changes and now Ruka is with Narumi who says that he will kiss him causing the animals to attack Narumi. Ruka is then with the dwarves where he gets bitten by a poison(-free) apple. Mikan is told to kiss Ruka on the lips, which makes both uncomortable. However, they attempt to kiss for t

he sake of the play, but are interrupted by Natsume, who throws an eraser (or apple in anime) at Mikan, and Hotaru, who shuts off the lights, ending the play. afterwards, Mikan and Ruka are shy around each other, but congratulate each other and say they did a good job in finishing the play.

During the Alice Festival Last Dance, he and Natsume have many

At the theatre when Mikan plays the prince and was about to kiss Ruka...

girls who want to dance with at the last dance. but, both have no desire to dance with them. Ruka, however, wants to dance with Mikan and can't bring him to sat so when she asks if either of them wants to dance with her. Natsume pushes Ruka to Mikan so that he would dance with her. Mikan and Ruka enjoy dancing with each other. After Mikan and Ruka finish their dance, Hotaru then grabs Ruka's hand and tells him that girl (Mikan) is so dense, which he does not understand. When he goes to get a piece of cake, he overhears Mikan and Natsume talking and hears Natsume call Mikan by her first name, which surprises him. He is further surprised when he sees Mikan blushing as she walks away, this leads him to believe that Mikan likes Natsume. when he sits with Natsume, he mentions that he called Mikan by her name and says that Natsume should dance with Mikan. They bicker over this until Hotaru chooses Mikan as her last dance partner, which makes them laugh.

Z arc

After the festival, Ruka studies for the final exams along wih Class B. After linchou's Alice is stolen and Hotaru is injured by Z, Ruka, Mikan, Natsume, Tono, and Tsubasa sneak into the

Ruka and Natsume as 15-year-olds~

high school section to use the rumored Warphole to go Z's hideout. Ruka, Mikan, and Natsume must disguise themselves as high schoolers using Gulliver's Candy. He is flustered after seeing Mikan as a high schooler, and even though he is older on the outside, inside he is still a ten year old. Not long after arriving in the high school section, he and Mikan become trapped in anti-gravity chamber- they accidentely went into it after their Gulliver's Candy wore off. Ruka and Mikan are both rescued by Tsubasa's Alice. Ruka along with Mikan, Tsubasa, and Natsume use the Keyhole (actually called Keyhole and not Warphole) after proving themselves to be serious about going to Z's hideout to president Sakurano and vice president Subaru.
Gakuen alice v07 ch37 p26 je

When Ruka realized that he loves Mikan.

They are transported to a wooded mountain with dangerous traps surrounding everywhere. Ruka and Penguin were about to be turned into to stone by a tree, if Mikan didn't nullify the attack using her Alice powered up by Tono's Amplification Alice. Ruka's Animal Pheromone Alice becomes a very valuable source of information for the group, with him being tasked with asking the animals which warphole Z used. Ruka and Mikan spend some time alone admiring the view of the lake reflecting the moon, the night before using the warphole to transport to Z's location. He promises Mikan that one day he will give Mikan his Alice stone and she agrees to give him hers (Mikan didn't know about the exchanging of Alice stones meaning soul-mates). Ruka is overcome with guilt when he realizes tha
Gakuen alice v07 ch37 p28 jd

When Ruka realized that Natsume could have the same feelings for Mikan.

t Natsume also has the same feelings for Mikan and leaves her to find Natsume, so he could see the view of the lake too. He later eates some grapes that Penguin brought which turns out to have alcohol in them. This causes him to hug Mikan, but is peeled away by Natsume and falls asleep. Later on, when he, Natsume, and Tsubasa was fighting the Z's, he got affected by the Z's boss alice from protecting Tsubasa. He is healed by licking Z' boss' blood off a knife, given by Yuka. Then, the ceiling collapses and they flee. Despite the apparent life-threatening circumstances of the escape, they all return safely to the academy.

Christmas Ball Arc

Days after returning to the academy, Ruka joins everyone shopping for Christmas at Central Town. He also helps arrange a late birthday party for Natsume. He gives Natsume a sand clock, saying "If only we could turn back time",
Gakuen alice v07 ch37 p28 jk
which makes Natsume choose Ruka's gift as one of his favorites. During the prepartations for the Christmas party, Ruka runs into Piyo decorating the Christmas tree and helps him.

Ruka kisses Mikan at the Christmas Ball.

During the party, Ruka blushes as he sees Mikan dressed up nicely. He offers to help Mikan with the cleanup, due to a deal made with Bear if it played with Youichi, but she insists she can do it alone. Ruka and Youichi go on the balcony to thank Mikan for her hardwork. After Yo-chan kisses Mikan as a sign of thanks for giving him Bear to play with Ruka kisses her other cheek as another thank you. [2]This causes Mikan to be in shock and avoid Ruka, who is teased for daring to kiss her by Hotaru. He gets Mikan and Natsume to dance with each other since they didn't at the festival. He was surprised that Mikan and Natsume accidently kissed, but Natsume prevents him from asking him if they did kiss. Later on, this is cleared up during the Big Clean up Day chapter. Awkwardly Ruka, Mikan, and Natsume are grouped together to clean up the hallways by Jinno. Suddenly, the lights go out, which results in the situation being more uncomfortable. He and Natsume both notice that Mikan is scared, and to comfort her, they both at the same time hold on to Mikan's hands (Ruka holding Mikan's right and Natsume holding Mikan's left). Ruka and Natsume each wear a serious face as they compete over Mikan who is oblivious to the whole thing. A few moments later he and Natsume burst into laughter about what they are doing while insulting each other in a almost friendly manner.

Hana Hime Arc

Ruka attends Mikan's birthday party and the New Year's party altogether. During the parties, he became stuck to Hotaru and Youichi and was allowed to go to Hana Hime, but crossdressed as a girl. While at the party he is given the nickname Himawari No Kimi and fits in the party. Ruka along with Hotaru find Mikan and Youichi and look for Natsume when he goes missing. At the basement of Hana Hime Ruka uses his alice to control the mice against Rui and Hayate. He tells everyone he will take care of them so that they could get to Natsume, but Youichi Hijiri and Tsubasa Ando volunteer to. After leaving Tsubasa and Youichi he tells the group of Natsume's and Ruka's past.

After he tells them Ruka, Hotaru, and Mikan split in different directions. Ruka finds Natsume and Hotaru asks Mikan to come to the path Ruka took. While there Nobara is seen in her second personality. As Persona uses his alice Ruka tries to protect Mikan, but one of the mice gets killed in the process. When Aoi appears Ruka recognizes her and becomes paralyzed by Yakumo's insect along with Hotaru and Mikan. At the hospital Ruka suggests that since Aoi is not an alice she should be allowed to leave. He then shown helping spread the news. Ruka like everyone else says his goodbye to Aoi. When Mr. Hyūga arrives his mother also arrives and he hugs her through the gate, though he and Natsume are escorted away from the gate. As hears Mikan talk about her star ranking he chooses to throw away is stars and states that now he is like Mikan, but this did not change his star rank.

Sports Festival

With Hotaru and Natsume he attempts to rescue Mikan when she got captured by the student police. When they are confronted by Tsubasa they choose to leave the matter to him. Ruka and Hotaru then spy on Tsubasa's and Natsume's conservation about Tsubasa being the dangerous ability class and Yuka being Mikan's mother. Ruka is later a participant in the Obstacle Race. He was able to pass the lake stage by flying over it with a bird. He then finishes the race and win by gaining the trust of the robot horse with the help of the other animals. This gets him the praise from Mikan he wished for and the two spend some alone time eating a picnic together.


Ruka was in Hotaru's body for a while.

Escape Arc

A prank caused by a infamous gang, the Tehoran causes Ruka to switch bodies with Hotaru and Hotaru to be in Mikan's body. He is not alone, because others are caught in the fray, Mikan, Sumire, Bear, Natsume, Iinchou, and Koko, respectfully have also switched bodies with other another. Since he's in Hotaru's body he comforts Mikan who is in distress for being in Bear's body. Later Ruka would bump into Natsume whose in Ruka's body and return to his body, Which would mean Natsume is now Hotaru. Ruka then leaves Natsume-Hotaru to search for Natsume the person he was looking for, not knowing Natsume was right in front of him. Ruka helps Mikan and Natsume escape which gets him punished. He was saved by Noda and reunited with Natsume and Mikan. Ruka like Natsume defends that Mikan should choose her own path and travels through the past along with Hotaru, Natsume, and Mikan.

Time Travel Arc

Like everyone else, Ruka is saddened by Yuka's past and gives Mikan support. After discovering that Mikan and Natsume's mothers had been best friends, Ruka realizes that Mikan and Natsume were meant to be together. Telepathically, he gives up on his affections for Mikan, noting that Natsume needs Mikan more and that Natsume sees her as the sun. When Natsume gives him a troubled look, Ruka smiles and assures him that he will support them because he loves them both and wants them to be happy Like everyone else he creates and gives Mikan a Animal Pheromone Alice Stone to help her in the outside world.

High School Division Arc


Ruka confesses his love for Mikan.

He and the group return to the HSP's office where a fight ocurred caused by the ESP. When Natsume almost uses his alice against the students after them, Ruka warns him to stop, so Natsume would not suffer again. When Ruka saves Mikan from a bird almost flying into her it is learned he gained the Barrier Alice. Ruka senses pursuers coming for them and the group teleports, except Nobara Ibaragi who stays behind to fight them herself. Ruka is fatigued from using the barrier alice so much and almost collapes, but he reassures to everyone that he is alright.

He almost collapses again, but this time he accidentally opens the barrier a bit, which results into the Fuukitai finding them. Ruka is then given the task to take Mikan to the Keyhole and to protect her, since he is the only one who can. As they are running away, Ruka confesses to Mikan that he loves her, but knows that she and Natsume belong together, so he gives them his prayers. [3] Ruka appears to becoming increasingly tired from using the Barrier Alice, yet he refuses a request by Mikan to rest, knowing that she is tired also, and that they need to get to the Keyhole.

He along with Mikan, Yuka, Shiki, and Natsume do make to the Keyhole together. Like all who witness Ruka is sadden by the Keyhole exploding, which causes Yuka's passing. He is one of the witnesses to Shiki's exchange to the ESP, which would make Gakuen Alice a better place.

Current Arc

Like all of Mikan's friends Ruka is sad about Mikan's absence and feels that Gakuen Alice is not the same without her. He wrote a letter to her in chapter 140. Along with Mikan's other friends Ruka has given Mikan a fairytale book for Christmas to cheer her up and give her hope. His book is called the Star Money. His message to her says, "The girl in the story [The Star Money] is just like you, Sakura."

During the Christmas party, he, like everyone else, is saddened that Mikan really couldn't come to the party and sees Natsume leave to go look for her. He later finds Natsume laying in the snow and asks if he's going somewhere again. Ruka is thrilled that Natsume and Mikan were able to see each other and says Christmas is amazing. He then catches Natsume coughing up blood and says that he's known about it for a long time. Ruka asks Natsume not to hide his pain, but let him be his supporter and that he doesn't regret coming to the academy with Natsume. Ruka also says that he will always support Natsume and Mikan's future when

Natsume making Ruka promise to look after Mikan

Natsume tells him of his fears of dying and leaving Mikan alone. Natsume makes Ruka promise to take care of Mikan if something happened to him in the near future,which Ruka does with worry,wondering what Natsume was actually planning. He is given mushroom earplugs by Hotaru, along with all of Mikan's friends, because of Reo visiting the school. He and Natsume are aware of Reo's plan to kill the ESP and are shocked of this. Ruka asks Natsume what they should do, but are interupted by Tsubasa and Tono who wish to help them out. Tsubasa and Tono explain to Ruka and Natsume that the only way the academy can remain peaceful is if the ESP disappears forever and they will have to prepare for a confrontation with both the ESP and Z. During their conversation, Koko reads Natsume's mind and says out loud about Natsume proposing to Mikan. Surprised and a bit hurt that Natsume hid this from him, Ruka asks about Mikan's reply, which she accepted, and he congratulates Natsume. Then Koko reveals Mikan and Natsume's many kisses, which makes Ruka even more mad and he hits

Ruka hits Natsume after finding out that he is still keeping secrets from him.

Natsume in a friendly manner while saying he should not hide things from him anymore,and that he will always support them. On the day of the concert, the boys split up to prepare their plot to overthrow the ESP. Ruka grabs Natsume and tells him that he must be careful and not leave his side. Ruka knows that Natsume is planning to risk his life if it means to save Mikan. Ruka takes part in the battle and is forced by Hotaru to stay with Natsume, Tsubasa, Tono and the teachers to fight the ESP while she and the other students teleport away for their safety. In midst of the fights with the Fuukitai, Ruka is badly injured but takes a blow to save Natsume when he started coughing up blood. They soon reach the ESP's room and rushes to Natsume's aid after he is stabbed in the back. When Natsume sets the room on fire, he asks Ruka to get everyone out safely. Ruka asks him if he's coming and he says no because he wants to kill the ESP's evil himself. When Ruka protests, Natsume tells him that before he dies, he will see Mikan's smile again and reminds him of their promise on Christmas Eve. He blasts Ruka and the others away with his flames and Ruka reluctantly leaves. But he tells Tsubasa that he saw the look of wanting to protect someone in Natsume's eyes, and that for the first time, Natsume has taken it upon himself to protect everything conerning the well-being of the academy. Tono

Ruka's scared face,on seeing Natsume dead.

takes Ruka outside and they deal with some Fuukitai while Tsubasa runs back to Natsume. When the smoke from the building begins to disappear, Ruka senses that something is wrong with Natsume, and is teleoprted back inside with the rest of his classmates. Ruka finds Natsume having a near death experience, and, like everyone else, panics when Mikan fails to save Natsume. Hotaru, Subaru, and Nodacchi then take Natsume back to the past to find a way to save him. Ruka worries about Mikan's well-being for the nest week, and is thrilled when she is finally allowed to return to class. However, he is devastated when he learns Mikan will lose her memories and be expelled. Ruka does what he can to make Mikan's final days in the academy happy, knowing that she is heartbroken from the loss of Natsume and her pending departure. He also recalls his promise to Natsume that he will take care of Mikan in case something happens to Natsume. Even though he doesn't know whether or not Natsume will return, he confesses to Mikan once

Ruka's kiss of promise to Mikan.

again: he tells her that he still loves her and wants her to be with him. He  tells her,that when they even again in the future,he promises to be more forward with his feelings so that she may choose him,instead of his best friend,but he says so,in a joking manner.Ruka then kisses Mikan's hand,sealing that promise,making her blush.In his mind,he begs Natsume to return,so that he would not monopolize Mikan's feelings. Mikan promises to him that she will one day reunite with him. Later that night, as he is getting ready for bed, he sees a flash of light appear behind him and hears Hotaru's voice over the mushroom transmitters. He realizes that she, Subaru, and Nodacchi are in trouble and that she may not return safely, and shouts out her name. The next morning, he is at the front gates with dozens of other students and teachers to say goodbye to Mikan as she begins to leave. When Mikan tearfully says goodbye, Ruka, overcome with sadness, begins pleading for her to stay, but she still leaves and her memories are erased. However, four years later, Ruka

Ruka's reunion with Mikan after 4 years,upon her gaining back her memories.

reappears in Mikan's life at age 16. It is revealed that he has been helping Natsume, Narumi, Tsubasa, and Tono find Mikan so they can bring her back to the academy. When he first sees her, he happily greets her, even though she still didn't remember him at that time. When she finally regains her memories and Alice, Ruka watches Mikan and Natsume's happy reunion with a combined expression of happiness and jealousy, which is evident that he is still in love with her, but he is more happy that Mikan and Natsume will finally be able to be together for good. When Mikan learns of Hotaru's sacrifice and disappearance, she vows to find her no matter what, which Ruka supports. Ruka is still deeply troubled by Hotaru's decision to risk her life and knowing it would hurt Mikan. He gives Mikan the mushroom transmitters, which Hotaru congratulates Mikan on her 17th birthday. At the end of the series, Ruka accompanies Mikan and Natsume on their quest to find Hotaru.


Ruka has the Animal Pheromone Alice the opposite of Narumi's Alice. His Alice makes animals adore him and do his bidding. While using his alice Ruka is shown to also have an adoring side to the animals. Ruka also is

Ruka using his Alice on a bear.

able to understand what animals say. With his Alice Ruka wants to grow up to be a veterinarian. One of Ruka's mouse friends was killed by Persona's Alice during the Hana Hime arc.

As seen that his Alice isn't very powerful, he doesn't wear any prevention devices to contain his Alice. In the anime, Ruka's Alice wasn't stopped by Mikan's Nullification Alice as seen in Episode 25.

In the High School Division Arc, Ruka temporalily has a Barrier Alice that was inserted by Mikan's Insertion Alice. He finds out about the Alice in Chapter 127 when a bird almost poops on Mikan. This Alice is tiring for Ruka to use, since he has to consenting use it.



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Ruka's mother did what many parents whose childern was targeted by the academy: protecting her child at any cost. She hired 24/hour guards and even went as far to threaten academy workers with a knife. She likes to baby Ruka, calling him Ru-chan even now, seen as she called him that in a letter. When Ruka became friends with Natsume. she immeadily thought of Natsume as a bad influence to her son, but changed her mind when she realized how she was putting Ruka in a cage with her overprotectiveness.

Natsume Hyūga

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Ruka is the closest to Natsume in academy (before Natsume grew to love Mikan) and knows the true reasons for his coldness. The two met at at Ruka's school and became fast friends when they learned they were both Alices. Ruka chose to go to the academy in order to be there for Natsume, who has lied about burning down the village to protect Aoi, his sister. Ruka often feels gulity for being unable to help Natsume, who suffers at the hands of the academy, and tries his best to comfort him. He and Natsume soon realize that they both have a romantic fondness for Mikan and have a friendly rivarly over her. Ruka backs down when he knows that Mikan and Natsume belong together, and that only Natsume can protect Mikan. Natsume returns this by telling Ruka that he trusts Ruka to care for Mikan if he were to die soon.

Mikan Sakura

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Ruka gets chocolate from Mikan

Ruka, like Natsume, has feelings for Mikan, rooted from her cuteness and cheerful personality. She is the first girl Ruka has ever fell in love with. Mikan is oblivous to Ruka's feelings. While Natsume and several others ignored her at first, Ruka made attempts to befriend her because he thought of her as a nice girl. He quickly develops a crush on her, which causes his fan club to tease him. When he realized that he and Natsume both cared for Mikan romantically, the two had a friendly rivarly. Ruka has eventually told Mikan of his feelings for her, but he also tells her that she and Natsume belong together and that he will support them. Although it pained him to let her go, he remains good friends with Mikan and is thankful for her that she has changed Natsume and brought him happiness. .

Hotaru Imai

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Hotaru being a blackmailer enjoys taking pictures of Ruka in his most embrassing moments. Such as when he crossdressed to help Mikan or bonded with Piyo. She sells these pictures to his animal friends and sometimes uses them to get him to do what she wants. Hotaru is aware of Ruka's feelings for Mikan and likes to tease him about it. There are some indications that she may like Ruka, but it is yet to be shown if he has a similar interest, through what happened with Mikan. However, after she disappears to save Natsume, Ruka is deeply worried about her well-being and wondering if she will ever return.


Ruka's Animal Pheromone Alice has him easily befriend animals, like the giant mutant chick, Piyo. He is commonly seen carrying a rabbit with him.

Ruka seems to be quite close to Tsubasa and is often teased by him and Tono over his feelings twoards Mikan.The Watching Over Ruka Group is made because of this,and consists of the mentioned two,Misaki and all the members of the Somatic Class.


  • Ruka means,"bright blue flower," in japanese.
  • In the manga, in the extra, Ruka picked Hotaru as the person he would want to have for a best friend, Natsume as the person he would want to adopt, Mikan as the person he wants to kick in the face.
  • In some covers for the chapters, Ruka is usually portrayed with the girls like him being dressed up like Thumbelina in Chapter 91.


  • "no matter how dark the future is, we will, everyone will be your shining light"
  • "he always makes his decisions that hurt himself before others, and he does it without complaining"
  • "and because I want to always protect natsume's smiling face"
  • "that's why natsume stayed here, right? to protect sakura"
  • "Natsume's smiling face was created by sakura right?"


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