Leo Mōri

毛利 玲生


Mōri Reo




Leo the Red Hair




Male Male


23 (Debut)
24 (Chapter 140)
28 (Chapter 180)


August 20



Hair Color


Eye Color

Red (Manga)
Violet (Anime)

Blood Type



Voice Pheromone Alice

Alice Type

Somatic Ability

Alice Academy

Alice Academy

School Positions


Star Rank

Triple Star (Former)
Special Star

Professional Status




Previous Occupation

Idol (Chapter 168)


Chapter 13


Episode 13

Voice Actor

Kenichi Suzumura

Leo Mōri (毛利 玲生 Mōri Reo) is a graduate from Alice Academy and he became a famous singer and actor. Leo is also a member of the Organization Z and knows Yuka. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura in the anime.


Leo Arc

Leo came to the hospital to kidnap Natsume Hyūga and would have gotten away with him if Mikan Sakura and Sumire Shōda didn't see him. At the warehouse, he and his group have captured Mikan and Sumire who tried to rescue Natsume. Leo told the girls that they would be sold and that Natsume would become part of their organization.

He is angry and saddened when he converses with Narumi through Mikan's Panda Headphones as he finds out that Narumi became a teacher, even though both of them hated the academy.

He had Shidō loosen his Barrier Alice around him and the three students, so that he could force Sumire and Mikan to tell him what their Alice are. He notices that Mikan was unaffected, unlike Natsume and Sumire, by his Voice Pheremone Alice. Because of this Leo figured out that she had the Nullification Alice.

After taking a closer look at her face, he noted that Mikan looked like "That Woman".Interested, he asks his colleagues to check "That Woman"'s movements of the past 10-12 years.

He and his comrades lose Mikan, Natsume and Sumire when they escape, but were able to escape capture.

Anime Only Arc

After his first failed attempt to bring Natsume to "Z", Leo returns a second time to the academy as part of a traveling circus. He motives are still the same (kidnapping Natsume), but he uses his Alice to control Luca Nogi into attacking people with animals. In the end, his plans are revealed by Koko and is stopped by Narumi and everyone else.

Final Arc

Leo is shown watching Z's Boss coughing and is worried about his conditon. Leo would later visit the school, despite that last year he attempted to kidnap Natsume. Shiki was unable to refuse Z's visit, because of the ESP.

Leo's music is has said to be playing nonstop around the school, which caused everyone to become fans. Mikan's group of friends are unaffected, because Hotaru created mushroom transmitters to fight against his Alice.

Leo, like the last visit, is annoyed by all this unwanted attention. He expresses to his men that he is wary of Z's Boss visit to the ESP. His men come to the conclusion that Leo is jealous, but Leo retorts that he is not. They go on that their plan is to kill the ESP. This is overheard by Narumi and Mikan's friends.

The plan is that Z is going to let the students of Alice Academy retaliate thinking that the ESP is trying to improve his image with Leo's music. This music will be played at Leo's concert. In the confusion, members of Z will kill the ESP. Leo is overjoyed at this as he laughs uncontrollably and tells his men to also laugh. This plan will allow Z's Boss to be in control of Gakuen Alice and stop his illness caused by the ESP.

Unknown to him, Narumi has already unveiled his plan and Mikan's friends plan to take action against him.

During the concert, he uses his Alice to make the students attack the ESP, who escapes and taunts Leo for daring to rebel against him. A guard attacks Leo before he can attack again. After Narumi is shot by Z's boss, Leo is worried for Narumi and aids him. He also uses his Alice to make the students faint to protect them from being injured in the battle. Narumi tries to convince Leo to stop obeying Z and help aide Mikan, but Leo brushes him off.


He has a Voice Pheromone Alice. That gives him the ability to control minds by using the sound of his voice. This is the main reason for his singing career, since hearing his music makes the listener take a instant liking to it. His Alice can be countered by wearing earplugs and the Nullification Alice. Hotaru Imai has invented mushroom transmitters that are more efficient then just using earplugs.

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