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145 cm
175 cm (Time Travel Arc)

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Black (Manga)
Red (Anime)

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Green (Anime)


Clone Alice
Barrier Alice (Unknown)
Nullification Alice (Temporary)
Mark of Death Alice (Temporary)

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Alice Academy

Alice Academy

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Alice Academy



Personal Status

Deceased (Technically, Chapter 165)


Yuka Azumi (Estranged Fiancé)
Luna Koizumi (Lover?)
Multiple Clones
Z's Boss (Clone of one of his clones)




Chapter 002


Episode 02

Voice Actor

Risa Hayamizu

Kuonji is the principal of the Elementary Division at Gakuen Alice. He is called ESP (Elementary School Principal) by fans or PSP (Primary School Principal) for short. It is unknown how old he is and what his intentions are.


He has the appearance of a child, even though he is actually a lot older than he appears. He has dark colored hair (dark red in the anime) slicked on his left side, and dark green eyes. During the
Flashback Arc, before Yuka inserts Alice stones in his body, he had the appearance of an adult.


Like the High School Principal and Middle School Principal, Kuonji had the skill of appearing serious, dignified, and loyal, being informed of the Academy’s day to day events and the actions of the students. In truth, however, his true persona was kept hidden from others, even from Persona and Luna Koizumi themselves. Unlike the other principals, Kuonji believed anyone below Alice holders are useless, such as having expressed disgust and contempt for Aoi Hyūga when he learned she was secretly held captive by Persona in the Academy. He also had no qualms in using students as agents for dangerous missions on the Academy’s behalf, as he often sent Natsume Hyūga on such missions despite his fragile health and showing no regard for Tsubasa Andou when he went missing while on a mission. Although he exhibited kindness and loyalty towards Persona and Luna, he revealed this to be a complete facade, having fabricated this soft side of him to simply manipulate them and would willingly betray them and discard them if they went against his orders or were no longer useful after fulfilling their duties. Kuonji even believed the other principals’ efforts to maintain peace for the students to be ludicrous and order could be achieved through brutal means.

Kuonji’s true motivation was to gather as many Alice stones as possible in order to enhance his strength and create the necessary amounts of clones to overthrow Z and gain more control over the Anti-Alice Government. Essentially, he desired nothing but power and control over every single Alice holder so he could claim their powers as his own. However, due to his child form and having lost a significant amount of his powers as a result, Kuonji sought to obtain a holder of the Stealing Alice so he could return to his adult form. To achieve this, he spent twelve years sending the clones he previously created across the country looking for such an Alice and also recruiting more Alice holders he could use for his benefit. Kuonji accumulated a secret criminal organization with the oblivious Dangerous Ability Class, which included crimes of bribery, abuse, torture, and murder. He recruited his followers based on their emotional turmoils and Alices; he freed and manipulated Persona into killing Izumi in a heated rage and then covered it up by offering Persona to work for him; he treated Luna with kindness while she was feared and rejected by others and turned her against Yuka by spreading lies of Yuka conspiring against him. His influence over Luna was so profound that she believed he was in love with her.

When not serious and in the presence of others, Kuonji was critical and harsh, openly criticizing the other principals and belittling the students for their resistance against his ideals. His deep seeded hatred for the other Alice holders stem from Yuka Azumi’s rejection of him trying to use her for his own agenda and her eventual escape, which included her inserting the Alice stones that turned him into a child and decreased the extent of his powers. Upon learning she possessed the Stealing Alice, Kuonji used extreme methods to isolate her and manipulate her, even going as far as to contemplate forcing her to marry him and it was rumored he had made intimate advances towards her. Kuonji also showed the traits of cold-blooded psycopath, as he personally ordered the murders of Yuka, Izumi Yukihira and possibly Kaoru Hyūga. He showed traits of vengefulness, as he was enraged at Natsume’s attempts to kill him and demanded that Natsume and Mikan suffer for their rebellion. He also showed great rage at Persona for betraying him in favor of saving Mikan and to atone for his crimes. Kuonji rarely shows fear; once when Z invaded the Academy and Shiki refused to relate the barrier unless the horrified Kuonji agreed to reform for the students’ sake; secondly when Natsume attempted to kill him while Kuonji was injured; and thirdly when Luna turned against him and consumed his soul to kill him.

Kuonji anime

Despite his obvious disdain for Z and the fact it’s boss is the son of a clone, Kuonji warmly welcomed Z’s boss during a visit to the Academy and was surprised when the man sacrificed himself to protect Kuonji from Natsume. However, Kuonji did not mourn this loss by gladly claiming Z’s boss’ Alice as his own. It appears towards the end of his existence, Kuonji’s only thoughts were of being the most powerful Alice holder ever and seeking vengeance against those who opposed him; Tsubasa even goes as far as to call Kuonji a selfish person who only thinks of himself and not the students despite their lives being risked.



He is seen as an adult during the Time-Travel arc and Nodacchi explains that it was because of the many Alice Stones Yuka placed in his body that made him become a child, much to everyone's shock. From the beginning, he is seen as a manipulative and strange person. He is despised by the MSP and has been on bad terms with the HSP for how the ESP treats the students with dangerous Alices. He is the one who forms the Dangerous Ability class and makes the students do missions for the school. He is actually the one responsible for the chaos within
Ped gakuen alice ch.103.99770 010jn

Kuonji adult

the academy, all stirred from his control over the students and teachers. Among his followers, he manipulated Luna into believing that he loved her and was the only person who paid attention to her.

When he found out about Yuka's Stealing Alice, he desired her and made her steal other people's Alices. This started rumors that Yuka and the ESP are in a relationship, and other people distance themselves from Yuka. This also puts a strain on Yuka's friendship with Luna, who believed that Yuka was stealing the ESP's attention from her. Izumi takes Yuka away from the ESP when he finds out about her ordeal, and the ESP threatens him by asking him if he has a death wish. Yuka manages to free herself of him with the help of the Middle School Principal and Kaoru. Later, he proposes to her and tells her that she will never be able to escape from him.

When he finds out that Izumi returned Yuka's feelings, the ESP releases Persona (Rei) from his prison and tells him that he has a great Alice, and that Izumi is to blame. He watches Rei use his Alice on Izumi and kill him (which was probably his intention). Before his death, Izumi tells him that he will not have his way. Throughout the series, Narumi states that Yuka put something in the ESP's body to make him young. This is revealed to be both Izumi's and Rei's Alices. When Yuka found out that the ESP was responsible for Izumi's death, she put the Alice stones in his body and vowed for revenge against him. He is later seen in a hospital bed with his body shrinking. He asks Luna Koizumi to capture Yuka and convinces her that he was victimized by Yuka's Stealing Alice. He also terrorizes the already traumatized Rei. Kaoru, while in the outside world, has been keeping an eye on his clones and contacting the HSP with the developments. Because of this, Natsume believes that his mother's death was actually arranged by the ESP in retaliation.

It's recently learned that one of his clones is the leader of the Z Organization, which makes no sense since Z opposes Gakuen Alice. This clone is found out to be the son of a ESP clone, which makes the bond between not as strong. Z's boss is rebellious against ESP and asks Yuka to join the Organization. However, in the Current Arc, when the ESP invites Z to the academy, he welcolmes Z's boss and actually embraces him. Later, Z's boss gives his life to protect the ESP from being killed by Natsume.

Z Arc

Though not seen the teachers are heard discussing by Natsume that the ESP doesn't want Hotaru Imai to see her parents. This is because of Hotaru's parents refusing to give Hotaru to the academy in the past and that fact Hotaru was with Mikan who is deemed as troublemaker. This is likely the time when the ESP becomes aware of Mikan's true identity and becomes interested in her. At the end of the arc the ESP is seen with Persona discussing that they need to moderate Natsume more, but can still control Natsume through threats. However, the ESP expresses that they need to do something else when it comes to Narumi's meddling.

Christmas Party Dance

Mikan and ESP Dance

The ESP dancing with Mikan.

In the Christmas Party Dance, he disguised himself as a middle school student and danced with Mikan Sakura. Mikan was unaware of his true idenity and was a bit suspious of him. She noticed that he appeared the same age as her, but his mannerism was different. After making her mask slip, he tells her not to lose something important to her, referring to the legend that if one's mask slips unintentionally while dancing at the Christmas Party Dance, they will lose something important to them. The ESP then leaves with a disguised Persona.

Sports Festival Arc

The ESP observes the Sports Festival with the HSP aand MSP. When Luna sends her controlled students to attack Mikan, who removes the Alice stones, and the two girls brawl. Mikan subconciously uses her Stealing Alice against Luna and they are knocked out. This confirms the ESP's suspicions that Mikan truly has the Stealing Alice and begins preparing to transfer her to the Dangerous Ability class so he can use her Alice for himself.

Escape and Time Travel Arc

The ESP orders Mikan into his office with the other Dangerous Ability class members so that he can transfer her to the Dangerous Ability class and make use of her Alice. Before doing so, he sends Natsume out on a mission to

ESP welcoming Mikan to the Dangerous Class

prevent him from saving her. He welcomes her with a wicked smile into the class and he calls her his "precious favorite". The ESP then was amused and laughs when Mikan stole Luna's Alice, saying how amazing she is. When Natsume comes to protect Mikan, he points out that Natsume loves to play the knight in shining armor for Mikan and calls him a foolish child. Just as they're about to escape, he orders Nobara Ibaragi to capture them, but she refuses and the two run off. The ESP appears tormented at the thought that Mikan and Natsume running away together, as it reminds him of how Yuka and Izumi did before. Mikan, Natsume Hyūga, Ruka Nogi, Hotaru, Nodacchi , and later Tsubasa Ando, Tono, and Nobara go to the past to learn more about the ESP and Yuka.

High School Division Arc

It is learned that when Mikan went through the window to warn her father that the ESP has learned about their location. When the group returns the ESP is suspected to be the cause everyone's disappearance and the mess that is obvious in the HSP's (High School Principal's) room. Noda says this and shows his hand with the Alice controlling bangle has become blacken from the ESP transmitting signals. He is then shown with a unknown person looking out a window. He tried to capture Youichi Hijiri and has Luna take control over Subaru Imai for his deeds. He is determined to capture Yuka and in it is revealed that he did cause the mess in the HSP's office. The ESP attempted to hit a tranquilizer dart at Yuka, but Narumi protected her.

When Mikan and Yuka reunite and try to escape, the escape door explodes and Yuka dies quickly, leaving everyone in a state of shock. Just then, the ESP appears with no expression on his face when he sees Yuka's dead body. Everyone realizes that it was the ESP who ordered Goshima to plant the bomb and kill Yuka because he knew he couldn't capture her. He orders Goshima to bring Mikan to him as Yuka's replacement and taunts Natsume for his weak body when his flames fail to break the ESP's barrier. His barrier is then broken by Shiki. He orders Shiki to give him Yuka's body, but Shiki angrily refuses and says that he might as well take Mikan and the students away from the academy because it is Yuka's will. Just then, the barrier breaks due to the MSP's weak condition and Z attacks, making the ESP horrified.

Everyone realizes that Z's boss wants to kill the ESP and take over the school. To protect the children, Shiki offers a deal with the ESP that he will serve as the new MSP if the ESP agreed to 4 conditions:

1) He will never cause chaos to the academy again.

2) The false accusations against the HSP will be erased and his rights be restored.

3) The punishments for the students involved in the rebel will be in Shiki's hands.

4) The whereabouts of Yuka's body will be in only Shiki's hands.

The ESP is shaken at Shiki's offer to give up his own ambitions and change the school for the better. The ESP rejects his offer in rage, but when Shiki reminds him that he will be doomed if Z takes over the school, he agrees to all of Shiki's conditions but doesn't agree to give up Mikan because he still intends to use her Alice. With no other choice, Mikan sadly agrees to his deal and the ESP says that as long as Mikan is under his control, he will not harm her physically and mentally, and will provide her with psychological treatment if she requests it.

Current Arc

With Mikan under his control, the ESP is told not to physically or mentally harm her or else Shiki can break their deal and punish the ESP. But, in addition to Mikan agreeing with the ESP's deal, he will have every right to punish her if she disobeys him or attempts to escape. He is allowed to visit her once a week so he can force her to remove the Alice Stones Yuka inserted into him. On one of his weekly vists, the ESP demands Mikan to steal away the alice stones Yuka put inside him because he says that, as Yuka's child, she is obligated to remove them. She refuses to remove them because she knows that showing she can use her Alice will make the ESP make his move and use her Alice. Clearly annoyed with her refusals, he coldly reminds her that he will never release her.

Recently, the ESP has made a move by ordering Shiki to return his Clone Alice stones to him on grounds of ownership and Shiki's criminal past. It's revealed that he wants them back, as noted by Noda-sensei and Shiki, because his child body would not be able to produce another clone, and by returning to his adult form, he will have the full power to create another clone and take over Z. At the end of chapter 145, he is seen breathing heavily and his clone, Z's Boss, is also breathing fast and coughing. At the beginning of chapter 146, he is then smiling while Z's boss is in agonizing pain. Shiki theroizes that the ESP is planning to overthrow the Z Organization by manipulating Z's Boss by means of his Alice. This is likely the reason the ESP demanded for the return of his Clone Alice stones, so he could get enough power to so.

The ESP invites the Z Organization (Reo , Z's boss, and their men) to the academy, which shocks everyone. When Z arrives in the academy, he smiles wickedly at Z's boss and welcomes him by patting his head and calling him his "other self". Before the concert is ready, he meets with Luna and Persona, and tells them that they are still under his command and will attend the concert to take control of Z. He also tells them that they will use the concert as a way to trick Mikan into breaking the concert so he can gain use of her Alice. He even reminds Luna that he promised to love her forever (which was a lie) so she won't have to protest against him. As the concert begins, Reo suddenly uses his Alice on the crowd to attack the ESP. The ESP manages to teleport away from the attack and stands behind Reo, surprised that Reo dared to ambush him. The ESP taunts him for his actions and has a
Ngakuen alice 151.022

Narumi captured ESP( who is Goshima in disguise

bodyguard attack Reo. Just then, the ESP is ambushed by Narumi, who holds his new clawed hand against the ESP's throat and taunts him for being blind about Pheromone Alices and that he will send the ESP to hell. The ESP calls him a terrorist for his actions and says that he cannot get away with it. But, the more Narumi talks about how he plans to free the students from him and avenge those who have died because of the ESP, the ESP becomes more terrified.

However, after getting his throat cut, it is revealed that the ESP was Goshima in disguise and the real ESP appears behind Narumi. The ESP tries to pretend that he was saving the students from Narumi who is a terrorist, but the students don't believe him and the students and teachers begin attacking him. He gets striked by Jin-sensei's lightning, but he has his barrier protect him in most of the attacks. The more the attacks intensify, the more useless his barrier is getting, and his guards try to help him escape. Natsume tries to use his Fire Alice to kill the ESP, which succeeds in badly injuring him but doesn't kill him because he escaped at the last second. Angry, the ESP orders that Mikan be removed from Shiki's care because Shiki has violated their agreement. While being treated at the hospital, he learns that Mikan has escaped from her room and used her Stealing Alice, and he orders Luna to capture her and bring her to him quickly. He is angry when he learns that Persona has betrayed him by helping Mikan and lashes out that he was the one who protected Persona from punishment for killing Izumi all these years. He tells Luna that he knows she will ever betray him and tells her to get Mikan now. He and the Fuukitai then consider escaping after realizing that the Natsume and the others are getting close. However before he can escape, Natsume, Ruka, Tsubasa, Tono, and the teachers find him. Natsume unleashes a powerful fire ball at the ESP, but to everyone's shock, Z's boss protects the ESP and takes the blow. Boss disappears and turns into an Alice stone, one of the Alice stones the ESP has been demanding. The ESP reclaims the stone, regaining some of his power, and is about to attack Natsume until Reo uses his Alice on the school intercom to snap the controlled student back to reality. Appalled that Reo is now defending the academy, the ESP mentally calls to Luna that she is the only one who will never betray him. Natsume sets the ESP on fire in order to kill him for good. When Natsume loses conciousness and Mikan finds him, she subconciously uses her Alice to try to save him. In the process, her Alice disperses Natsume's flames and the ESP is injured, but still alive. Enraged from Natsume's attack, he tells the Fuukitai to prevent Mikan and Natsume from escaping despite their own severe injuries. Tsubasa, appalled that the ESP still puts his own desires above the students' lives, attempts to attack him. Before he can use his barrier to protect himself, Luna hugs him from behind and asks him to stop his corruption and evil. Luna gives the ESP a speech of how he had become blinded by obsession and ignored her feelings for him. She tends to stop him herself by using her Alice; doing this biting his neck and take his soul. The ESP dies once his soul is taken and falls into Luna's arms. The news of his death spreads all over the academy and everyone celebrates that the true evil within the academy is gone for good..


He has the clone alice that, unlike Misaki Harada's Doppleganger Alice does not disappear over time. By using his Alice he is able to spread himself all around, gaining power. One of his clones shown is a chairman of some company. The other shown is Z's boss who is a 'second generation clone', being a clone of a clone (refer to paragraph 4 of 'Alice'); because of this, the connection to the original (ESP) is slightly diminished.

When Kuonji creates a clone, he creates a copy of himself that contains a part of his Alice (hence why they are killed when Yuka steals the Clone Alice from within them). The clone 'takes half of his age', so for example, if he is 40 years old, he becomes 20 and a clone that is an exact copy of his 20 year old self is produced. The clones age and grow old, as shown with the clone who is the chairman of a company that Yuka steals the Clone Alice from.

The ESP has a telepathic connection to his clones, and so he can control them and use them to his advantage. This way, he has 'spread himself' throughout the world and has clones in high positions of influence, which in turn puts him in a great position of power and influence. The clones have extremely similar interests to the original (ESP) (this also applies to secondary clones, though is slightly diluted with distance from the original).

'Second generation clones', 'secondary clones' or 'copies' are clones (or in some cases children/offspring) of clones. Since clones contain a part of the original's Alice, they can themselves use this alice to create clones (though they do not have enough of the alice to allow them to control other clones). The resulting secondary clones have an unreasonable feeling of rebellion against the original. This repeated series of clone creation from clones creates a sub-species of beings, and the more distanced from the original the more rebellious and hard to control they are.

An example of a secondary clone is Z's boss, who had the stones taken from clones inserted into his own body, giving him enough of the clone alice that he could control other clones. This way, he gained power and became a formidable enemy to the original, the ESP.


Yuka Azumi

Main article: Yuka Azumi

The ESP held Yuka captive and forced her to steal other people's Alices when he discovered her Stealing Alice. Often times, to torment her, he locked her in a big dark room for a long time until she pleaded for him to let her go or that she did what he told her to do. When Izumi takes her away from the ESP and Kaoru also saves her from him, the ESP tells Yuka that she is his and she will never be able to escape from him. When he found out that Izumi returned Yuka's feelings, he manipulated Rei into killing him and even taunted about it to Yuka when she found out the truth. He sends his men out to find her after she escapes, intending on getting her to remove the Alices she put in him. However, after learning about her daughter's, Mikan, Stealing Alice, the ESP decides that Yuka is of no use to him anymore and has Goshima kill her when she tries to get Mikan out of the academy.

Mikan Sakura

Main article: Mikan Sakura

The ESP knew right away that Mikan was Yuka's daughter, due to their close resemblance and of Mikan having the Nullification Alice. He grew interested in possessing her as Yuka's replacement and sent Luna out to confirm if Mikan has the Stealing Alice. Once his suspicions were confirmed, he made plans to transfer her to the Dangerous Ability class with intents on using her Alice for his own benefits. When he transfers her to the class, he sinisterly smiles at her and welcomes her, calling her his precious favorite. When her friends and the teachers try to help her escape, he has his men chase her and kills her mother. He even tells Shiki that he will let everyone live peacefully if Mikan is under his control, an offer she accepts for her friends' protection. Although he imprisons her in the main building, he is annoyed with her lack of corporation with him, but he vows to never release her.

Natsume Hyūga

Main article: Natsume Hyūga

The ESP had used Natsume has a pawn for the academy and forced him to do its dirty work. He takes pleasure in causing Natsume physical and emotional pain by threatening to harm his closest friends (ex. Ruka and later Mikan) if he doesn't follow orders. The ESP is aware of Natsume and Mikan's feelings for each other, and tries to keep Natsume away from Mikan as much as he can. He frequently taunts Natsume for his weak body and not being able to break the ESP's barrier and defeat him. He also calls Natsume a foolish child for thinking he can protect Mikan from him. Natsume tries to kill the ESP twice in the Current Arc, but fails both times.

Luna Koizumi

Main article: Luna Koizumi

When she was in middle school, Luna fell in love with the ESP because he treated her with kindness. While the ESP is kind to her at times, he clearly has no interest in her and is simply emotionally manipulating her into hurting Yuka's feelings. He even convinces Luna that he is a victim to Yuka's Stealing Alice and asks her to stay with him on getting revenge against Yuka. However, when Yuka dies and Luna realizes the ESP ordered it, She questions on her loyalty for him and seems to realize that he had deliberately brainwashed her. In chapter 165, realizing she lost important things (Izumi and Yuka) because of the ESP and he became pitiful and obsessed, Luna uses her Alice to take the ESP's soul. However, she assures him that her feelings for him will never change and she will protect him by controlling his soul.


The ESP is on bad terms with the HSP, due to the HSP's suspicions of the ESP's crimes and regarding Izumi's mysterious death. The HSP helped Yuka escape from the academy and defends Mikan from him, and wants to defeat the ESP before Mikan suffers a tragic fate as well. The ESP is also disliked by the MSP, who has always known about his evilness and crimes. Many of the other teachers fear and dislike him because of his treatment towards the students, particularly the Dangerous Ability Class, and his unemotional consideration to their well-being. Many students, especially Mikan and Natsume, hate him and want nothing more than to defeat him.

He has control over Persona by mentally manipulating him into thinking everyone hates him for his Alice and they need to be punished for it. He makes Persona the teacher of the Dangerous Ability Class because of his cold treatment to the students. He succussfully manipulated Persona into killing Izumi by saying it was Izumi's fault that he was locked away and viewed as a dangerous Alice. However, Persona becomes remorseful of his actions and betrays the ESP by helping Mikan.

It is implied that he also manipulated Goshima into killing Yuka and betraying the HSP by helping him capture Mikan. However, what and how did he do to Goshima was still unknown, and probably the way he did to Goshima was the same like Luna and Persona.

He hated Izumi Yukihira , the HSP's younger brother, because he was Yuka's precious lover. He was irritated when Izumi saved Yuka from him one time. When Izumi returned Yuka's feelings, the ESP decides to have izumi killed by manipulating Rei (Persona) into killing him. However, he was disturbed when Izumi's last words were that he wouldn't have his way.

He is despised by the Z Organization, especially by Z's boss, who is actually the son of one of his clones. The ESP hates him as well, but plans on gaining his trust by promising more control of the academy to him and then killing him and taking control of the Z Organization. However, the ESP and Boss seem to have some form of affection to each other; seen in the Current Arc, when the ESP embraced Boss after welcoming him to the academy and Boss sacrificing his life to protect the ESP from Natsume's attack.


  • In Character Psychology Test in vol.20, he was choosen as Kaoru Igarashi's partner/lover, much to everyone's surprise and the irritation of both of them.
  • Both small version Kuonji (the child form), Misaki-sensei and Goshima had similar resemble towards each other.
    Picture 092

    The resemble faces of Misaki-sensei, Goshima and ESP in Gakuen Alice Ehon Bear to Isshou ni AIUEO.

  • In Character Psychology Test in vol.19, he was chosen as Kazumi Yukihira's slave and being kick out by him.
  • In vol.25, he and Goshima almost become the next candidates for the Character Psychology Test before it reveal to be Luna Koizumi in both child and adult forms. 12:09, April 11, 2012 (UTC)
  • It is unknown whether or not his Barrier Alice is one of his natural Alice or an Alice Stone.