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Volume 01

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The school police find Hikari and Ema, and accuse them of trying to escape. Ema claims he has a permit to run errands but they don’t believe him and attempt to arrest them Ema uses his Alice to immobilize the school police and even Hikari almost passes out. Ema says his Alice is called the “Sound Pheromone Alice”, which, although different from other pheromone Alices, allows him to hypnotize people, which can be used to capture or control people. Because it can be used to abuse someone’s willpower and he can’t fully control its strong ability, Ema never uses it. Ema mentions Narumi’s own Alice that is similar to his and he credits Narumi’s help for allowing him to meet Hikari. Ema remembers Hikari came to alice Opera Troupe to find her brother and, since he was once a student in Alice Academy, he may know her brother. But before she can tell him who he is, they hear someone criying out about the unconscious school officers, prompting Hikari and Ema to run away.

Ema offers Hikari an invitation to the Alice Opera Theatre to watch him in a play as compensation from her saving him, although she is doubtful. During the play, Hikari is amazed of how magical and charming the actors portray themselves. Afterwards, Ema explains the troupe group, the Baragumi, specializes in pheromone Alices but Ema doesn’t intend to join because he wants to use his own abilities rather than his Alice. He reveals his past to Hikari; as a child, he and his mother frequently moved to avoid him being sent to Alice Academy but the strain of living in hiding took its toll on his mother’s mind and body, and she finally gave up and allowed him to be sent to the academy. Ema hopes to become a famous star through his own abilities and his mother will bear his voice and find him. Admittedly he prefers singing, Ema sings a song with his Alice to Hikari and says singing makes him feel refreshed and himself. Ema talks about how he may have no freedom but he feels happy as he can perform and desires to prove Alice holders and non-Alice holders can work together to become stars, due to that he has a powerful Alice whereas she doesn’t but is a natural charmer. Ema asks Hikari to become his little sister and Hikari accepts.



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