Izumi Yukihira

行平 泉水


Yukihira Izumi






Male Male


22 (Debut)
26 (Chapter 105)
27 (Chapter 106)
28 (Chapter 114)
29 (Chapter 115, Death)
46 (Chapter 180, if alive)


182 cm


71 kg


August 1



Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type



Nullification Alice

Alice Type

Special Ability

Alice Stone Color

Mandarin Orange

Professional Status

Alice Academy


Special Ability Moderator
Elementary Homeroom Teacher

  • B Class (Former)
  • A Class
Personal Status



Kazumi Yukihira (Older Brother)
Yuka Azumi (Lover)
Mikan Sakura (Daughter)




Chapter 102

Izumi Yukihira (行平 泉水 Yukihira Izumi) was a teacher at Alice Academy and is the father of the Mikan Sakura. He passed away before the series started, but is remembered as the teacher with the same Nullification Alice as Mikan.

Izumi is the younger brother of the high school principal, Kazumi Yukihira. He was once the moderator of the Special Ability Class and was put in charge of taking care of Rei Serio, the boy who would grow up to become known as Persona. He was also formerly the homeroom teacher of Elementary B Class and later Elementary A Class.

As stated by Noda, Izumi had influenced the Academy greatly, encouraging the children to appreciate their Alices and themselves and to give them something to look forward to in life, considering how the Academy was stricter during his time. He brought a cheerful, lively mood to everyone, even allowing his students to call him Yukki (ユッキー). He was loved by almost the whole Academy.

Appearance and Personality

Izumi was handsome and appealing seeing as he had a Yuki fanclub, which was composed of female students. He had short straight fair hair with bangs that covered his eyes, but changed it where his bangs parted in the middle when his brother Kazu said it was an old style, and blue eyes.

Izumi had a cheerful, social, and kind personality that he passed down to his daughter, Mikan. Izumi had a belief that all alices could be good, but it depends on how the user decides to use it. Izumi is very close to his students asking them to call him "Yuki", which differs greatly from Jinno's more professional and scary way. Although, once being a delinquent in his teenage years, Izumi can also be hotheaded at times, shown when he punished Narumi by throwing him in the air. He can be quite perverted, as he asked his brother if he was going to teach girls and commented to Yuka that he could see up her skirt when he first met her. Izumi, like Mikan was naive and reckless, which would get him bullied by Jinno and his brother for making stupid choices. Like Mikan, Izumi can be very intimidating and has a temper when he is angered or provoked (shown when he gave Yuka a murderous stare after she called him a pervert when they first met).


Izumi Yukihira had a normal life before coming to the academy. He never knew he even had an older brother until he was in his late teens, when Kazumi began writing him letters from the academy and suggested that Izumi come to the academy. Izumi came to the academy as an adult (22 years old), becoming a teacher, when his brother figured out that he had an Alice from their exchanging of letters. Before becoming a teacher, he was a rebel and the leader of a motorcycle gang. It tunrs out that Izumi and Kazumi didn't have any contact before he came to the academy because Kazumi had been in the school his whole life. However, they began exchanging letters when he realized that Izumi had the same last name and that they were brothers. Kazumi convinced him to come to the academy and be a teacher, which Izumi did. When they first met, Izumi was delighted, but Kazumi hit him and then welcomed him. Despite Kazumi's harsh treatment, he and Izumi immediately developed a strong sibling relationship. He was immediately embraced by his students for his cheerful and easygoing personality, even though it annoyed serious types of teachers and his brother. The first person that attracted him was Yuka Azumi, a student of his trying to escape the school. He stops her and the two begin to dislike each other already (Izumi disliked Yuka for her stubborness and Yuka disliked Izumi for his perverted attitude and stupidity). However, he catches her after being electrocuted from the gates and comforts her as she explains her reasons for trying to escape. From then onwards, they became "best friends", even though they still got on each other's nerves. Two years later, the ESP explains to him that he will be the teacher of the Special Ability class. As Yuka becomes a middle school student, he hears rumors about her being the ESP's lover and goes to the middle school section to talk with her. Izumi finds Yuka alone and crying, because of her Stealing Alice has been causing her trouble. He gives Yuka advice that she has a choice to use her Alice for good or bad. When he discovers that the ESP has been forcing Yuka to steal other people's Alices, he saves her, despite being threatened by the ESP himself.

Izumi then has a problem with Narumi who has been using his alice irresponsibly and punching him into the air. Which has him go under the same punishment by Jinno. He decides to pair Narumi with Yuka and it goes pretty well, until Narumi uses his Pheromone Alice on her. He goes after Yuka, when she runs away from embarassment and gives her his Nullification Alice stone. This made Yuka give a loving expression and he feels awkward about it. This moment is witnessed by a fellow teacher who taunts him that Yuka is being bad. He dismisses to her that it isn't what it looks like, but tells himself that he can not be falling in love with a student. In

Yuki's haircut.

Chapter 109 he has gotten a haircut, because his brother said it was an old style which makes everyone laugh at his new hairstyle.

He rejects Yuka's confession, not uttering a word, and leaves her alone confused. Izumi would then see Yuka again when she jumps out the window of the ESP's office, where she tells him she will get stronger. Izumi finally confesses that he loves Yuka in front of everyone at school. At first, she thinks he is lying, but he assures her that he is genuine and asks her to give all her pain to him and hugs her. This causes him to be beaten by from his brother and Jinno. He admits that he knows their relationship is wrong to the school, but he promised to protect her.

He introduces Yuka to Rei Serio (who later becomes Persona) who he was caring for and in charge of. Izumi tells her his and Rei's dream to have Rei leave this prison and see the world. Hearing this Yuka puts Izumi's alice stone inside Rei making his rotted appearance better. This makes both Rei and Izumi overjoyed, as this makes them a step closer to their goal (having a family). He and Yuka then went back to his room where they slept together. When he wakes up, he has a phone call learning "that thing" (Rei) has been released from his prison by the ESP. Yuka wakes up and asks him whats wrong. Izumi kisses her, telling her that he will come back soon and not to worry.

While walking to his location, Mikan, knowing his death wants to confront him, so he won't die. She is convinced to let things be, until she accidently trips and goes out the portal. Izumi asks who she is, but Mikan is too speechless, too scared to speak to him. She is returned to the portal by Tsubasa Ando, but not before Mikan yells "Daddy!!" before leaving and he sees her crying. He realizes that she is his daughter and calls her "Mikan".

He arrives to the ESP's office to find that Rei has been manipulated to by ESP to blame Izumi. Knowing this Izumi trys to take Rei away, but he refuses and uses his Mark of Death Alice on him. He attempts to explain to Rei why he is locked up in that prison but, Rei refuses to listen to him and uses his alice again. This time Izumi is unable to erase these marks. His last words to the ESP are, "You... won't have your own way definitely...". [1] Before dying, he thinks about how he broke his promise to Yuka about fulfilling her dreams of having a happy family and Mikan calling him "Daddy" and that she might be his daughter after all.

When Yuka gives birth to Mikan, she imagines him holding Mikan, happily announcing it is a girl, and telling her she did a good job.

Current Story

Izumi's spirit is seen smiling at Persona in Chapter 68 when Persona is battling with Mikan telling him "Don't stop giving away to hatred" and "Don't dirty this pair of hands".

In Chapter 137, Izumi appears in the last scene of chapter 137, when Yuka was dreaming during her death, carrying her in bridal style. When Yuka apologized to him for unable to protect their only child, Mikan, he said to her that it was alright because she had tried hard enough. He then carried Yuka away with him as both of them appeared in wedding clothes, exactly just like in Chapter 134's cover page, showing the two lovers together at last.

In chapter 140, Yuka is buried next to Izumi's grave at Shiki's request because it would bring peace to them. Shiki further had Yuka's last name as Yukihira placed on the grave to fulfill her and Izumi's dream of getting married.

In some chapters, Izumi and Yuka can be seen inside a picture together. They sometimes move and talk, seen in Chapter 144, where in Shiki watched as Mikan and Natsume kiss, causing Izumi to call Shiki a traitor and tell him to stop them. In the later pages, it is shown that Shiki had turned the picture, thus getting Izumi to be angered while Yuka did nothing.


Izumi has the Nullification Alice (無効化のアリス Mukōka no Alice) that was eventually passed down to his daughter, Mikan. This ability was also the reason he was assigned to look after Rei Serio, due to immunity from Rei's Mark of Death Alice. Izumi appeared to have full control over his Alice.


Yuka Azumi

Main article: Yuka Azumi

Yuka Azumi was Izumi's former student in the Elementary School Division. She is Izumi's lover and the mother of Mikan Sakura, their daughter. They first met each other when Yuka was trying to escape from the school but was stopped by Izumi. According to Noddachi,Yuka and Izumi were best friends, but there was no sign of "friendliness". He later defends her when the ESP forced her to steal other people's alices. Despite their 12 year age difference, they both fell in love and had a night together. After that, Izumi left her side to see Rei Serio, and tragically, died because of the ESP's manipulation over Rei. His last thoughts were of Yuka as he died and apologized mentally for leaving her. Mikan is their only daughter and was born after his death. Izumi wanted to fullfill Yuka's dream of having a family, since hers abandoned her, and felt guilty that he was unable to fulfill her dream when he died.

Kazumi Yukihira

Main article: Kazumi Yukihira

Kazumi (or Kazu) is Izumi's elder brother and his only family in the academy. He accidentally saw his photo and realized that he was an Alice, thus making them to know each other through writing letters. Despite of their 18 years of age gap, Kazumi still doted and loved Izumi a lot. According to Izumi himself (mentioned by Nodachi during Time Travel Arc), the High School Principal is a brother, a parent, a boss, and also is someone that he was grateful to. He also said that the HSP is his idol and his loved one, making the HSP doted and love him a lot. However in Chapter 109, Izumi mentioned that Kazumi was still being formal with him, although it was almost 6 years since they met each other, with Kazumi ordering Izumi to call him by name rather than "brother". When he died, Kazumi felt guilty to him as he remembered his earlier conversation with Izumi, which Kazumi said it would have been better if Izumi died.

Mikan Sakura

Main article: Mikan Sakura

Mikan Sakura is the only child and daughter of Yuka Azumi and Izumi Yukihira, and also Kazumi's only niece. She was born long after Izumi died and was raised by Yuka with the aid of Kaoru for 8 months until being left with her adoptive grandfather. He didn't know Yuka was pregnant at the time of his death (neither did she). However, he was the one who came up with naming her if their child turned out to be a girl. He accidentally met her during the Time Travel Arc in Chapter 115, who fell from the time window. When he asked her who she was, Mikan was unable to talk to him. However, as she was taken back by Tsubasa and was about to disappear, she called him 'Daddy'. Izumi seemed to realize that Mikan was his daughter as he called her name, 'Mikan'. If he had still been alive, it seems he would have had a father-daughter complex with her, as seen in chapter 144, when she and Natsume kissed, he yelled at Shiki to stop them from a picture.


Main article: Jinno

Jinno is the Math teacher and the head supervisor of the Elementary School Division. He was serving under the circumstance of Kazu Yukihira, even before the current story took place. He always scolding Izumi and hit him for various reasons, usually when Izumi did some mistakes like bringing a student (Yuka Azumi) with a ladder and for beating up Narumi. However, he also seems to be concerned about Izumi and worries about him as he said to him that the ESP tried to expel him from the school several times, but could not do it since his brother Kazu stood up for him.

Rei Serio

Main article: Rei Serio

Rei, now Persona is the moderator for Dangerous Ability Class. During the Flashback Arc, Izumi was assign to take care of Rei who was unable to control his alice, because of Izumi's Nullification Alice. He kept on training Serio and also wished that one day, Serio would be able to go to the outside world. However, Serio accidentally killed Izumi under the influence of ESP. He felt guilty for killing Izumi, and he carried the sadness and guilty feeling until he was adult. However, Izumi never blamed Rei for his death and thought of Yuka as he died.


  • His surname Yukihira , written as 行平, can be interpreted in 2 ways. If it is written separately into 2 characters, it means 行future + 平even/flat. However, looking at them as in one word, it means 行f平 a japanese pot.
  • His name Izumi (泉水), means 'fountain' or 'spring'.
  • Throughout the past story (until the current story), Izumi was the only one who bravely fought face-to-face against the ESP. Unlike him, his brother, Kazumi Yukihira, did not want to fight the ESP.
  • Izumi's death has given big impact to many people, Yuka Azumi, Jinno, Kaoru Igarashi, Shuichi Sakurano, Subaru Imai, Narumi Anjo and Rei Serio, including his own brother, Kazumi Yukihira. His death had caused people who are close to him to live in sadness and regret and trying to fight against the ESP. His death is also one of the reasons why Kazumi, Yuka, Jinno, Narumi, Sakurano and Subaru are trying to get Mikan out of the academy.
  • In the anime, though Yuki was never mentioned, it was implied that Yuka had the Nullification Alice, instead of Yuki, as it was passed down to Mikan and when anyone would mention her Alice they would say, "The same Alice as 'that person'" who was Yuka.
  • Under Japanese age of consent law, Izumi would have had been arrested for engagin in sexual relations with Yuka.
    • Tokyo's age of consent for Female minors is 18, while National age of consent is 13; however, regional laws on age of consent and sexual relations supercedes the national laws.


  1. Gakuen Alice Volume 20, Chapter 116, Page 11-12

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