The Honor Student Award or the Best Student Award (優等生賞 Yūtōsei Shō) is one of several awards that is awarded at Alice Academy. It is awarded to one student per class, not per grade. Altogether, there are six recipients of the Honor Student Award after the first term final exams. It is unknown if this award is given twice a year or only after the first term finals.


The award is given to only one student per class (homeroom class), not per grade as had been previously translated. An example is that only one student from Elementary Division-Class B was awarded the Best Student Award despite there being three different grades in that class.

The winners are impartially chosen according to the students' behavior and outstanding achievements in either academics or some other activities.


The awarded students receives three prizes:

  1. A month's worth of shopping coupons in Central Town.
    • In the anime, it was a one month free-meal ticket in Central Town
  2. A special certificate
  3. A one week trip home



  • It is apparent that not many students in the Elementary Division know about this award, nor are they aware of it. Kitsuneme and several other Class B students have questioned the existence of the award.

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