Hijiri Goshima

五島 聖


Goshima Hijiri




Male Male


16 (Debut)
17 (Chapter 32)
18 (Chapter 140)
22 (Chapter 180)


171 cm


62 kg


November 10



Hair Color


Eye Color

Brown (Manga)
Green-Blue (Game)

Blood Type



Metamorphosis Alice

Alice Type

Somatic Ability

Alice Academy

Alice Academy-Senior High

School Positions

Executive Committee Member
Student Council President (Chapter 77)
Somatic Ability Representative
OB (Chapter 180)

Star Rank

Special Star


Somatic Ability

Professional Status

Alice Academy



Personal Status



Chapter 018
Chapter 077

Hijiri Goshima (Goshima Hijiri 五島 聖) is a high school division student and is the new president of the Student Council. He is the representative of Somatic Class.

Appearance and Personality

It was unknown what kind of color for his hair and eyes, however in the cover page for Chapter 100, it seemed that he had a black hair. He had short hair with bangs that fairly covered his forehead. His eyes were wide and it can be seen as a cheerful eyes like Mikan. His height was nearly the same as Subaru Imai. In Gakuen Alice Ehon Bear to Isshou ni AIUEO, it seems his eyes are blue-green.
Picture 037

Goshima in Gakuen Alice Ehon Bear to Isshou ni AIUEO

He had been described as an eloquent, warm and kind person. He also continuing after Sakurano's thought and concern with the children in elementary school. He always smiles, although during in critical situation such as during the rebellion time in High School Arc.

It was unknown whether he also had a dark personality like the ESP, since in his profile, it appears that his personality seemed to be that he liked to trick people. Although he looked like a cold person during the climax plots in the Escape Arc, it was hard to make him as a person with dark personality.


Alice Festival


Goshima's first appearance.

Hijiri's first debut was actually in Volume 4 Chapter 18 - RPG Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, where Mikan Sakura was lost and she accidentally fell down. He was with the principal groups when he saw her and Hijiri was standing behind Subaru.


In Chapter 77, he was made the new Student Council president. He then announces that the students will be watched by the "Fuukitai" or student police, which causing the students to feel awkward and uncomfortable with the new rule.

Sports Festival

Under the orders of someone, Goshima helped Mikan to escape when she got captured by the Fuukitai (student police) by posing as one of them with his Alice. During this time, he finally said that he actually was under someone's order that he came and rescued her. Later in the other scene of the chapter, it was shown that person was her own uncle - the HSP, Kazumi Yukihira.

High School Arc

During the start of the rebellion, Goshima was seen with the rest of the HSP's group; the HSP, Jinno, Narumi, Subaru Imai, Shuuichi Sakurano and the hidden Yuka Azumi. After Mikan and the others went for Time-trip journey, the HSP ordered him to join the Fuukitai team, which explained why he was able to escape the ambush attack by the ESP after that.

Goshima again took on the disguise of a Fuukitai member and told Mikan about the current situation and that Yuka Azumi was waiting for her at the Warphole. His fate, however, was unknown after Mikan and the others ran away from the High School Principal's office with Instant Teleportation Alice.

However, Natsume, Tsubasa, and Tono were able to deduce that Goshima was the one who betrayed them in the middle of Chapter 134, and he was actually under the Elementary School Principal's orders. Realizing the danger that could fall on Mikan and Ruka, Tsubasa and Tono sent Natsume to reach Mikan before she arrived at the Keyhole while they were looking for him, because as the current president, Goshima has the key to the Keyhole. Disguised as Tsubasa Ando, Goshima handed Yuka the key to the Keyhole, which caused the Keyhole to explode and lead to her untimely death. He later revealed himself after Yuka passed away and captured Mikan, who was shocked that someone who had cared for and protected her would betray her, at the ESP's request to serve as Yuka's replacement. Mikan was further shocked when she realized that Goshima was ordered by the ESP to kill her mother and showed no remorse for his crime. He released Mikan once she agreed to be a captive for the ESP in return that the ESP would stop his criminal activity and let the students live peacefully in the school.

Final Arc

In chapter 142, it was revealed by Jinno that Goshima still held his position as the President of Student Council. He also been mentioned by Jinno that he was always working as a spy for the ESP unbeknownst to the HSP, and the HSP had make Sakurano and Subaru to join the Student Council in order to watch over him. During Reo's performance at the New Year's celebration, Narumi cut the ESP's throat in order to avenge those who were victimized by the ESP, but it turned out that it was actually Goshima in disguise. The poisonous cut leaves him critically wounded and it was presumed that he died from his injury due to the fact that he has not appeared since then. However, he reappears in chapter 178; he has posing as a friend of Mikan's at the request of the HSP to watch over her. In chapter 180, he apologized to Mikan for everything he did to her and expressed great remorse for Yuka's death, and goes on to say that he was manipulated by the ESP and he wanted to atone his crimes by protecting her. Mikan decides to forgive Goshima because she says that's what her parents would have wanted.


Goshima has the Metamorphosis Alice that allows him to change his appearance. However, it was limited to his gender. He was so far has been seen going undercover in the appearance of Fuukitai members. He also had taken Nodacchi's form to slip and hear the ESP's orders, making him the Current Arc's real traitor.

Although his Alice can be considered dangerous due to its ability to fool people upon appearances, however his Alice has a weakness; he is not able to attack or protect himself from danger. This similarity is shared by the HSP, whose Alice isn't very advantage during dangerous situations.


Principal Kuonji

Main article - Principal Kuonji

He is the Elementary School Division's principal. He was the mastermind of every chaos and troubles that happened to all characters, mainly Mikan, Natsume and Yuka. It had been revealed that Goshima was working as a spy for the ESP, which shocking Tsubasa, Natsume and Tonouchi in Chapter 134. He is given the order to kill Yuka in order to prevent her from taking Mikan out of the academy.

He was the only one that seems to have frequent relationship with Goshima, and Goshima was even willing to give his life to protect the ESP from harm. However, after the ESP's death, Goshima, then free of the ESP's control and healed from his injuries, returned to working for the HSP and started making amends for his crimes by secretly protecting Mikan. Goshima later explained that the ESP manipulated him into working for him and he felt remorse for all the terrible things (aiding in Yuka's murder and betraying Mikan) he did..


  • Due to his Alice of Metamorphosis, he usually made appearances that always made everyone shock every time they met him. During the Sports Festival, Mikan was shocked to see him changing his faces twice. Later on in Central Town in Chapter 90, Mikan, Ruka and Hotaru were shocked to see him changing as he walks away. Then in Chapter 125, Goshima had make everyone in total shock as he changed himself from Fuukitai into his normal self, causing Mikan fell on her knees and the others looked at him with disbelief.
  • His appearances usually follow up with his carefree smile.
  • He shared the same month of birth with Kazumi (HSP), Fukutan-sensei and Natsume, as they all born in the month of November.
  • Goshima's profile foreshadowed his betrayal; as Higuchi noted that his carefree smile and Alice must mean he likes tricking people. She then questions why she is so passionate about it.
  • It appears that Goshima was rarely known among the characters personally, and it can be assumed that although he can get along with everyone, it is doubtful whether he has friends or not.
    Picture 044

    Goshima with HSP and Shizune walking in hallway in Gakuen Alice Ehon Bear to Isshou ni AIUEO.

  • In one of the mangaka's updates in her blog, during her signing Osaka story, one of the gifts had the cover of the middle and high school students. Goshima was seen standing next to Subaru, but alone and in a distant way. It is unknown what kind of fate he will have in the story due to the foreshadowed in the gift.
  • Among the candidates of Gakuen Alice's Character Psychology Test, Goshima is the only one who's not being choose b
    Picture 052

    Goshima with Hii-sama during sport festival in Gakuen Alice Ehon Bear to Isshou ni AIUEO.

    y the mangaka as the next candidate. He only appeared as the last three candidates in Gakuen Alice volume 25.
  • In Gakuen Alice Ehon Bear to Isshou ni AIUEO, Goshima was spot together with two principals. First with the HSP as they walked at the hallway with Shizune (Kakitsubata), second with MSP -Himemiya-sama during the sport festival.


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