Male Male


16-18 (Debut)


169 cm


60 kg


February 20



Blood Type



Hearing Alice
Eyesight Alice

Alice Type

Somatic Ability

Alice Academy

Alice Academy-Senior High

School Positions

President of Senior High Newspaper Club
OB (Chapter 180)


Somatic Class

Personal Status



Chapter 034

Hayami is the head of the High School Newpaper Department and a high school student at Gakuen Alice.


Z Arc

His appearance was during the Z Arc in High School Division's News Department. He was the one who verified to Tono, Mikan, Natsume, Ruka that there is, in fact, a warphole in the High School branch, and is also the one who gave them the location of the warphole, saying that it is on the 2nd floor, northern corner of the western dorms


Hayami is a bagworm.

Hana Hime Arc

He is seen helping to spread the news about Aoi Hyūga not being an alice, so that she can return home. Apparently the one who told him about Aoi's existence as a non-Alice the academy was Tono.

The newspapers department was tried to be hold from producing the news by the ESP people but fail.

High School Division Arc

When the group returns from the time travel trip, Hayami appeared at the HSP office and tell them what he has heard using his Hearing Alice about the ESP (Elementary School Principal) was desperately trying to capture Yuka Azumi. He also tell them that Yuka is waiting for Mikan at the warphole. He later hears more news with his alice from a gap in the barrier of the HSP (High School Principal) office that was opened by Hī-sama. He told Tono secretly that he's heard that there is a traitor among Mikan's group.

During the rebellion happened, he and his teammates in the news department started to make circulation papers upon the current incident, the ESP's suspicious intention as well as the rumors about the HSP and the ESP. After Shiki Masachika protects everyone with his Barrier Alice, Hayami is seen spreading news that Shiki is the new Middle School Principal.

Final Arc

During the New Year Concert, Hayami was assigned as the cameraman in order to show everything live on the air. He kept on his role even after Reo was failed on his mission to kill the ESP, and almost got caught by the fuukitai when everything had turn up in chaotic situation. Apparently he was with Natsume's group throughout the story.


Hayami has two Alices: the Еnhanced Hearing Alice and the Eyesight Alice, which he uses to gather news for the school newspaper. Even though he has enhanced eyesight, he wears glasses, but they are probably an Alice restraint or used for training reasons. Wearing glasses also makes his eyesight far more greater.

His Alice Shape is unknown.

Notes and Trivia

  • The first part of his name "Haya" means fast.
  • It appears that, just like Nodacchi, he likes to drink tea.
  • His Star Ranking is unknown. He is either a Three Star or Special Star student, but commonly the High School students are Three Star ranking.

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