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The Hana Hime Festival or Flower Princess Festival is a special event hosted by the former MSP, Himemiya.


Due to Himemiya's preference, men are not allowed to go with an exception of one year where Ruka Nogi, Natsume Hyūga, and Youichi Hijiri went, because of a prank that caused the boys to be stuck to invitees Mikan Sakura and Hotaru Imai. The invitees are expected to go to the Hana Hime Den where the event will be held and dressed in kimonos (which included Ruka, Youichi, and Natsume). Treats and desserts will be served at the party. At the event invitees will receive a Hana Hime name. The nicknames have a flower meaning to it.

Hana Hime Members

Shizune Yamanōchi

Main article: Shizune Yamanōchi

Hana Hime Name: Kakitsubata (Iris Flower

Yuri Miyazono

Main article: Yuri Miyazono

Hana Hime Name: Wakatake no Kimi (Young Bamboo)

Mikan Sakura

Main article: Mikan Sakura

Hana Hime Name: Mikan no Kimi

Hotaru Imai

Main article: Hotaru Imai

Hana Hime Name: Waka-Murasaki (Mauve)

Natsume Hyuuga

Hana Hime Name: Guren no Kimi (Crimson Lotus)

Ruka Nogi

Hana Hime Name: Himawari no Kimi (Sunflower)

Kaoru Igarashi

Hana Hime Name: Benihana (Red Rose)

Yuka Azumi

Hana Hime Name:Yuzu no Kimi

Rei Serio

Hana Hime Name: Kamen no Kimi (Masked Flower)


Hana Hime Name: Tachibana no Kimi

Other unnamed members

  • Nadeshiko
  • Sakuranomiya (Cherry Blossom)
  • Koume (Small Plum)
  • Momiji (Maple)

Hana Hime Den

Hana Hime Den is the location the Hana Hime Festival and where Himemiya resides. It is incredibly large and spacious, so someone not familiar with the den could easily get lost. The den is safeguarded by Himemiya's Barrier Alice and, because she lives in the den, her Alice is at its strongest at lowering Alice power of Alices.

Deep within the Hana Hime den is a dungeon where Persona spent most of his life, because of fear of his dangerous Alice causing harm to others. Years later, Aoi Hyūga would be hidden in the same dungeon.

In the Escape arc, the den act as a refuge for Mikan and Natsume from the hands of the ESP.


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