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Welcome to the Gakuen Alice Wiki
The Wikia about the Japanese Manga and Anime series, Gakuen Alice.
402 articles since December 9th, 2008. Help us grow by contributing!

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Warning!! Spoilers ahead - read at your own discretion!

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Whats new on Gakuen Alice Wiki

05 Feb 12
Gakuen Alice reaches over 300 pages!!
02 May 11
A new template character box created.
9 Mar 09
After a minor hiatus, the Wiki is back on track and in full swing.
9 Dec 08
The Gakuen Alice Wiki is officially created!

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Reo Mōri (Mōri Reo 毛利 玲生?) is a graduate from Gakuen Alice and he became a famous singer and actor. Reo is also a part of the Organization Z and knows Yuka. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura in the anime. Read more!

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Gakuen Alice - Pikapika No Taiyo03:31

Gakuen Alice - Pikapika No Taiyo


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