Gakuen Alice DVD 7 is the first volume of the Gakuen Alice anime series. It was released on August 24, 2005.


Price: ¥ 5,500


No. Title Air Date
17 Hotaru's Secret
(「蛍のひみつ☆」 Hotaru no Himitsu)
05 March 2005
18 Alone in the Dark Together
(「暗闇で☆ふたりきり」 Kurayami de Futari Kiri)
12 March 2005
19 Raise the Curtain, Snow White in the Sleeping Forest
(「開演☆眠れる森の白雪姫」 Kaien Nemureru Mori no Shirayukihime)
19 March 2005

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