Gakuen Alice DVD 3 is the first volume of the Gakuen Alice anime series. It was released on April 27, 2005.


Price: ¥ 5,500


No. Title Air Date
5 The Star Ranking System Can be Severe
(「星階級はシビアやなぁ☆」 Hoshi Kaikyū wa Shibiaya nā )
27 November 2004
6 I'm a Good-For-Nothing Type?
(「星階級はシビアやなぁ☆」Uchi wa Mikkasu-kei?)
04 December 2004
7 Not Gonna Lose! Alice Dodgeball!
(「負けへん☆アリスドッジ」Makehen! Arisudojji)
11 December 2004


  • Starting this volume, the DVDs no longer are released with a Limited Edition version.

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