Title - Two Hearts                                                                                          
Gakuen Alice Chapter 173 COVER

Chapter 173 Cover

Date- January 19th, 2013

Volume 30

Previous Chapter → 172

Next Chapter → 174


Temporary and unverified summary.

Hotaru has finally returned. A tearful and excited Mikan embraces her, which Hotaru doesn't hesitate to return. Mikan asks Hotaru where has she been for the last two weeks and what is Natsume's condition. Hotaru answers that right now she can't tell her anything but that Mikan and Natsume will be reunited and destiny cannot separate them. Hotaru tells her that she came to see Mikan because she heard she will be leaving tomorrow and wanted to tell her goodbye. Mikan asks Hotaru what her favorite memory of her is, and Hotaru tries to avoid answering by claiming to be too tired, and lays in Mikan's bed. After Mikan pushes for a reply, Hotaru tells her that her favorite memory is from when Mikan first arrived at the academy to look for her. This touches Mikan deeply and she hugs Hotaru. But is suddenly knocked out by Hotaru. When she is unconscious, Subaru and Nodacchi appear with Natsume, who is being carried by Nodacchi and still appears to be deceased. Nodacchi urges that they must go now as if they stay longer then the consequences of time on her will become greater and make 'the gap between their destinies much more bigger'. Hotaru recalls when the three of them traveled to the past, to the moment when Natsume lost consciousness. When they came across the past Natsume, Hotaru orders Subaru to heal him while he's still alive. Nodacchi tells her that they can't change the past and that Natsume was meant to die. Hotaru replies, "who decided that?" and she reminds him of when he took her, Mikan, and their friends through the past; Mikan fell through the hole and met with her father, and nothing changed still, so how can this be any different. Nodacchi talks about people having "light aura" and that his Alice allows him to see it. Nodacchi tells Hotaru that changing the past will have serious consequences: the person who causes the change within the past may disappear from people's memories or get lost in the past. Nodacchi says that as a teacher, he cannot take that risk.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions 

  • Will Mikan lose her memories?
  • Will Natsume live?
  • What was that bright light behind Ruka?

Memorable Moments

The return of Hotaru


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