Title- Come Back to Me
Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Cover

Date- June 5th, 2012

Volume 28

Previous Chapter → 163

Next Chapter → 165


Mikan screams Natsume's name when she realizes that he has stopped breathing. Everyone, including Shiki and the High School Principle, look on in horror. Mikan remembers when Natsume promised to get her out of the academy and asked her to wait for him on Christmas Eve. Mikan touches his hand and feels that it is still warm, and she notices that the flames have not died out yet, meaning that Natsume is not dead yet. Mikan mentally tells herself that Natsume's life has not ended yet but will soon because of how much he used his Alice. She begs for him to open his eyes and reminds him of his promise. She then feels his hand slowly turning cold and she cries for him to wake up and come back to her; she pleads for God to save Natsume and not punish him for using his Alice for his past bad deeds. She is willing to do anything to save his life, even if it means switching places with him. Her body starts to glow in a strange light and it engulfs around the two as she hugs him and begs for him to come back to her. Mikan grasps the Alice stone she got from Natsume a year ago and drops it as the light slowly disappears. When the light fades, Tsubasa finds that Mikan has fainted and is laying on top of Natsume. The flames finally fade away and the ESP is nearly overwhelmed with shock and rage from Natsume's attack on him. The Fuukitai orders that the ESP be treated for his injuries quickly.

Tsubasa gathers Mikan and Natsume, and says that Natsume needs to be taken to the hospital before it is too late. However, the ESP orders the Fuukitai to capture them and not to let Mikan and Natsume escape. Tsubasa protects them with his Shadow Manipulation Alice to stop the Fuukitai, and angrily yells at the ESP that he still puts his own desires above the students' lives. Mikan regains consciousness and Tsubasa is about to attack the ESP. Mikan shouts at him to stop. The ESP orders the Fuukitai to use the barrier to stop Tsubasa. But before he can use the barrior, Luna embraces the ESP and asks him to stop



Mikan seemingly uses her Alice to save Natsume (fulfilling Narumi's prophecy that only Mikan can save Natsume).

Luna realizes the ESP's wrongdoing and asks for him to stop.

New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

Will Natsume survive at the end?

Has Mikan used the last of her Alice to save Natsume?

Can Luna convince the ESP to stop his corruption?

Memorable Moments


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