Title- Desperately
Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Cover

Date- April 5th, 2012

Volume 28

Previous Chapter → 160 and Volume 27

Next Chapter → 162


Natsume is stabbed in the back by a controlled student. He coughs up blood and collapses to the floor, and Ruka and the others run to his aid. Z's boss then disappears into black aura and then an Alice stone. This is explained as, due to that Z's boss is a product of one of the ESP's clones, he possesses some of the ESP's power. The ESP claims the stone and smiles sinisterly at Natsume because he has finally regained some of his full power. He is about to launch an attack on Natsume and has the Fuukitai hold Ruka, Tsubasa, Tono, and the teachers back.

Meanwhile, Mikan is struggling to hold onto Persona and defend herself against Luna and the Fuukitai. She takes attacks from the Fuukitai but manages to stand. Persona's wounds have not stopped bleeding and he is close to going unconscious. He asks Mikan to leave him behind and save herself, but she refuses. She accidentally falls and Persona tries to use his Alice to protect her. He says that he can't keep his promise to protect her and that he is not strong enough right now. Mikan nearly loses hope as she thinks about Persona, Natsume, and everyone else, and prays for them to be alright. Before she is about to be attacked, Reo uses his Voice Phermone Alice via the broadcasting room. Reo tells everyone to not let the ESP control them and their Alice, and to use their Alices for their own free will. He doesn't want the students to be controlled and live in the darkness by the ESP's manipulation, just like he did. Mikan is surprised that Reo said such words, especially considering that he had been her enemy.

The ESP is stunned that now Reo is defending the students and turned against him. He mentally calls for Luna and says that she is the only one left who will never betray him. Luna, however, thinks about Yuka after hearing Reo's words and appears to have second thoughts about following the ESP. Once Reo's Alice wears off, Fuukitai and controlled students try to attack Mikan again. But, a light engulfs them and Luna's Alice stones appear from them; Mikan has used her Nullification Alice to stop them and her Stealing Alice to remove the stones in them.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

  • Will Natsume survive his injury?
  • What will happen to Persona?
  • Will Mikan ever reach to Natsume in time?
  • What will the ESP do now that he has regained some of his power?

Memorable Moments

  • Natsume being stabbed.
  • Reo switches sides and joins Narumi.


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