Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Cover

Title- Promise

Date- February 20th, 2012

Volume 27

Previous Chapter → 159

Next Chapter → 161 and Volume 28


Continue from chapter 159.

Mikan and Persona are confronted by Luna and some Fuukitai led by her. Mikan is surprised to see Luna, probably because she thought Luna had changed due to Yuka's death. While she still feels guilty for Yuka's death, she is still unable to leave the ESP. She remembers an earlier conversation with the ESP, which he orders her to capture Mikan and bring her to him. Luna agreed to do as she is told because she had promised to never betray the ESP, no matter what the circumstances are. Luna uses her Alice to make the Fuukitai attack Mikan with knives. However, Persona takes the attacks and is stabbed in the arm. Mikan pleads with him to not get himself hurt, but Persona assures her that his wounds are not serious and the knives will decay. Mikan once again asks him to not get hurt and hugs him, which surprises Luna, who commands more attacks on Mikan, as they attempt to escape.

Meanwhile, the ESP and his men are completating an escape once they learn the others are getting closer to them. In midst of this, Natsume, Ruka, Tsubasa, Tono, and the teachers teleport to the ESP's room. The ESP is horrified to see them, and Natsume, filled with rage and desire for revenge, creates a powerful fire ball and hurls it at the ESP.

Persona takes several more knife attacks, this time in the back, which seriously wounds him that he can't stand on his feet. He asks her to run away and get to Natsume, but Mikan doesn't. Persona tells her that he doesn't want to watch her endure the pain of watching her mother's former friend be controlled by the ESP. Determined to protect Persona and save all the people involved, Mikan carries him on her back and vows that she will save everyone. Back at the ESP's room, everyone is shocked to see that Z's boss had taken Natsume's attack to protect the ESP and is wounded in the chest. With Natsume distracted, a student stabs Natsume in the back.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

  • Will Persona be alright after taking so many attacks?
  • What will Mikan do now against Luna?
  • Why did Z's boss protect the ESP?
  • Will Natsume survive his injury?

Memorable Moments

  • Persona risks his life to protect Mikan from Luna and the Fuukitai.
  • Natsume is stabbed in the back by an enemy.


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