Title- Desperate Measures
Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Cover

Date- February 3rd, 2012

Volume 27

Previous Chapter → 158

Next Chapter → 160


Mikan and Persona are heading down the hallway to search for the ESP. As she follows him from behind, Mikan says to herself that up until now, Person had treated the students as objects because that was how he was treated. She hopes that everyone can forgive Persona for his past deeds and they can all team up together. All of a sudden, Persona stops, causing Mikan to accidently slam into him. Persona tells her that the Fuukitai has greatly decreased and the reason for that could be that Natsume and the others are defeating them from another location. This immediately causes Mikan to worry about Natsume and his health. Persona assures her that he will help her get to the Hime Hana for safety and that he will fight against the ESP, even if it means costing him his life. Mikan, however, doesn't accept this and tells him not to give his life up that easily. Mikan tells him that she doesn't want to be protected and wants to work together with everyone and fight the ESP. She says that what she wants most is to protect Natsume and everyone involved in this mess. Just as she is about to run away, Hotaru's Baka Canon falls on her head, and Mikan realizes that Hotaru sent this to her. She and Persona then compromise and resume their search for the ESP.

Meanwhile, Natsume is helping a severely wounded Ruka as they are under attack by the Fuukitai. Natsume starts coughing up blood and Ruka saves him from being struck by a Fuukitai's Alice. They arrive in a room they believe to be the ESP's, but find it empty and assume he had escaped. Suddenly, a note comes out of nowhere and is written from Koko who wrote that the ESP is in a green room. Then, a jar of medicine pills lands on Jinno-Sensei's head, which is from Hotaru. The pills are to heal their injuries and she tells them telepathically to save their school and to save Mikan. They talk about the Fukkitai and the students who are now following the ESP. They realize that many of the students are fighting and getting severely wounded without treating it. They realize that the Fuukitai and students are under Luna's control, but wonder why she is using her Alice if she is not supposed to due to that she is only allowed to use it according to the ESP and MSP's agreement. Natsume immediately thinks about Mikan and is worried for her well-being.

Mikan and Persona are running in the hallway when they are confronted by more Fuukitai, led by Luna, which surprises Mikan. Natsume and the others are also confronted by Fuukitai, leaving them trapped in a circle of them.



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