Title- Atonement
Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Cover

Date- January 20th, 2012

Volume 27

Previous Chapter → 157

Next Chapter → 159


Starting from the end of chapter 157:

Mikan holds Persona's hand, surprising Sakurano, Subaru, and even Nobara. Mikan tells Persona that she understands his pain and that she wants to work with him to help him redeem himself of his past deeds. Even though he had had abused Natsume, Nobara, and others in the past, she knows that it was the ESP's manipulation that caused him to do bad things all along. She also says that this would be what her father would want to be done. Persona tightly holds onto Mikan's hand and agrees to never hurt anyone again to confront his sins. Everyone realizes that Persona has truly changed.

Narumi and Reo are struggling against the ESP's men. Reo tears off a piece of his shirt to stop the bleeding on Narumi's shoulder. But, Narumi tells him not to worry about him and to help Mikan and Natsume. Reo brushes this request off as idiotic. But Narumi tells him to make sure that Mikan and Natsume see each other again, and that he must not live his life following orders from Z.

Natsume, Ruka, Tsubasa, Tono, and the teachers are battling the ESP's men as they try to get to Mikan. Mikan and Persona feel the impact of Natsume using his Alice, as he sets a building on fire.

Meanwhile, Fuukitai come teleporting into the hallways of the hospital to catch Mikan and Persona. Persona uses his Mark of Death Alice on the ground, rotting it, to beat the Fuukitai. Mikan appears to be dumbfounded at how much power his Alice holds, and thought he could only destroy living things. He feels ashamed as the guardian of her, but Mikan thanks him and tells him that it doesn't matter what kind of Alice he has. Persona smiles at her and accepts, remembering the courage her father gave him.

The last scene shows Natsume and Ruka with injuries, as Ruka had seemingly passed out while Natsume carried him.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

  • Will Natsume and the others be able to get to Mikan?

Memorable Moments

  • Mikan forgives Persona for all the bad things he's done.


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