Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Cover

Title- Change of Heart

Date- December 20th, 2011

Volume 27

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Persona has defeated the ESP's men accompanying him to capture Mikan. Mikan is surprised that Persona had done this and saved her from being taken away. The ESP is informed of Persona's betrayal. In anger, the ESP lashes out at Persona, telling him who protected him all these years. Persona ignores the ESP's outbursts and remains silent. Mikan is suspicious that this could be a trap, as are Sakurano and Subaru, who are prepared to protect Mikan from him.

Elsewhere, Natsume, Ruka, and the teachers learn of what Persona has done and saved Mikan. They, too, are skeptical and think it is a trap, knowing that Persona works for the ESP. They need to get to Mikan if it is a trick, Natsume especially wants to. But Jinno says that Mikan is not the person to be waited on to be protected and she can protect herself. The teachers also suspect that because of Persona's betrayal, the ESP has sent more of his men out to capture Mikan. Ruka turns to Natsume and sees a spider fall on the back of his neck. It turns out that it's an invention of Hotaru's that she sent likely to make sure Natsume doesn't go overboard on his goal to save Mikan. The teachers and boys teleport to the hospital, where Mikan is now, and face off against more of the ESP's men.

Mikan guards Nobara from Persona, afraid of him hurting her again. But Persona tells her that he is remorseful of his bad deeds, such as killing her father and harming her, Nobara, Natsume, Aoi, and Subaru. He asks her to let him help her escape as thanks for saving Nobara and to make up for his past actions. Mikan is very reluctant to do so, but Nobara clings to her hand and tells Mikan that Persona risked his life to help her and that he means so. She asks Mikan to forgive Persona and let him help her. With Nobara's words and remembering how Persona was once an innocent boy before becoming influenced by the ESP and his kindness with Nobara in the past, Mikan holds Persona's hand and decides to forgive him.



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