Title- Nobara's Farewell?
Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Cover

Date- November 19th, 2011

Volume 27

Previous Chapter → 154 and Volume 26

Next Chapter → 156


The continuation of chapter 154:

Nobara's spirit appears in front of Mikan, which gives her a shock. In the hallway, as the ESP's men try to get into her room, it is revealed that the Dangerous Abilty Class has come to stop them from entering Mikan's room and capturing her, as part of the Hii-sama's orders. In a corner, Luna and another group of the ESP's men arrive, but to their horror, Luna turns away and lets them be attacked and defeated by the Dangerous Ability Class. Persona is also seen and doesn't do anything to stop the students. After defeating the ESP's men, the Dangerous Ability Class gets into the room once the Hii-sama breaks the barrier for them. Like Mikan, they are shocked to see Nobara's spirit. Mikan realizes that Nobara is actually close to death and had come to warn her. As Nobara's spirit is slowly fading from existence, Mikan tries to stop her and subconciously uses her Teleporation Alice to teleport to the emergency room, just as Nobara's heart stops beating and Sakurano and Subaru are rushing to save her. (As Sakurano and Subaru help save her, Persona is horrified to hear the news of her condition and is seen running.) When Mikan, who is injured due to going through Hii-sama's powerful barrier, immediately runs to Nobara's side and uses her Stealing Alice to remove Persona's Alice stones from Nobara's body. Sakurano and Subaru try to stop her from using her Stealing Alice, telling if she used the stealing alice, ESP would know that stealing alice of Mikan is not unstable.But anything couldn't stop Mikan. The High School Principal and Shiki are shocked to learn that Mikan has escaped from her room and is using her Stealing Alice. Elsewhere in the hospital, the ESP is told of Mikan escaping and using her Alice, and he orders that she be captured quickly because she has violated the agreement. As she removes Persona's Alice stones from Nobara's body, Mikan begs Nobara to open her eyes.



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