Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Cover

Title- Change of Plans

Date- October 20th, 2011

Volume 26

Previous Chapter → 153

Next Chapter → 155 and Volume 27


Natsume succeeds in seriously injuring the ESP, who managed to escape as the last second of the attack though. The guards teleport the ESP to a safer area and race to treat his wounds. The ESP angrly demands that they retrieve Mikan and bring her to him because Shiki has violated the agreement. He orders Luna and Persona to go as well. As everyone fights the ESP's men, the teachers come to an agreement that the students must be teleported away from the school for their own safety, while the teachers will deal with the ESP and his men alone. They especially want Natsume to leave because they want to prevent him from damaging his health and become the ESP's murderer. Nodacchi agrees to transport the students away. In midst of the teleportion, Hotaru grabs Natsume's hand and asks him to make a promise to her that he will survive the battle against the ESP and not expect to die. She says that if he does not promise this to her, she will not entrust Mikan to him. She drags Natsume, along with Ruka, from the group and takes their place. Natsume promises her that he will survive the fight just as the group teleports from the scene. Hotaru later explains her reasons for this, that she thinks Mikan will be best with Natsume at the end. At the main building, the ESP's men try to force the doors open into Mikan's room. Mikan is obviously fearful of being taken by the ESP and doesn't know what to do. Then, the guards are attacked by an unknown person and Mikan looks behind her, in the windows, and sees Nobara's spirit.



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