Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Cover

Title- Legacy

Date- September 20th, 2011

Volume 26

Previous Chapter → 151

Next Chapter → 153


Mikan is shocked and confused about why Narumi has a clawed hand against the ESP's throat. Like her, everyone else is shocked. The ESP is shocked himself, but furious at Narumi for his actions. He calls Narumi a terriost and says that he cannot get away with what he caused. Narumi, however, is not fazed by the ESP's words. He says that the ESP is no different than him becuase the ESP has done far worse. The ESP has always caused trouble and ruined the lives of so many innocent children. Narumi says that the ESP stole the dreams and innocence of the children and took the lives of others, especially those he cared for. However, while he intends on dealing with the ESP himself, he admitts that he knows he had been weak while everyone around him remained strong throughout the ESP's choas, especially Mikan who gave up her freedom and remained hopeful and strong for her friends' sake. The ESP asks if this event is being broadcast around the world, which Narumi lies and says no. In the control room, the HSP orders that the incident be broadcasted all over Japan so that everyone can see how evil and corrupted the ESP truly is. The ESP becomes more terrified as Narumi's grip tightens against his throat. Narumi says that he will free the children from the ESP and avenge those the ESP has killed or harmed because for a long time, the ESP has caused so many chaos and pinned the blame on those he harmed. Mikan tries to escape from the room to stop narumi from killing the ESP, knowing it will be trouble. Bear stops her and reminds her about Shiki's warning about the ESP taking control of her Alice if she escapes. Mikan then cries as she watches narumi express his regrets and how he wishes to save the students



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