Gakuen Alice Chapter 151 jp

Title- Upstaged

Date- August 20th, 2011

Volume 26

Previous Chapter → 150

Next Chapter → 152


The chapter begins with Reo beginning his concert. All the students are screaming in excitment except for Hotaru and the others. Mikan is trying to watch the concert on the monitor, but she can't because the screen is being delayed for some reason. As he appears to start to sing, he uses his Voice Pheromone Alice on the students, telling them to hate the ESP and kill him. Some of the students are about to attack the ESP, but instead they all faint and the ESP is saved by his bodyguards and teleports on the stage, behind Reo. Reo is surprised that the ESP avoided his attack, but the ESP taunts him and Reo is attacked by a guard. Hotaru and the others take precations for the next attack. Tono tells Natsume to wait and not make a move right away, but Natsume doesn't respond to him.

As the ESP is talking to Reo, Narumi takes advantage of the chaos and enters the ESP's barrier. He has his hand around the ESP's throat, but his hand has caws on it, which shocks and terrifies the ESP. It turns out that Narumi, Shiki, and the HSP had formed a plan to attack the ESP during the concert, aware of what he might do to the students. Narumi taunts the ESP and says he has underestimated the Pheromone abilities. Narumi also says that he alone will be enough to sent the ESP straight to hell. Meanwhile, the monitor finally works and the screen of the ESP being trapped by Narumi shocks Mikan.

As the ESP



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