Chapter 148 Cover

Title- Traps

Date- June 4th, 2011

Volume 25

Previous Chapter → 147

Next Chapter → 149 and Volume 26


Sumire and Hotaru are shocked to see that Reo is coming back to the Academy. Sumire remembers when she and Mikan rescued Natsume from the clutches of the Z a year and a half ago.

Sumire is freaking out on why the Academy would allow Reo to return to the Academy for what he did and why Hotaru is being so cool about when Mikan had sacrificed herself to give everyone peace in the Academy and how Hotaru could have died when someone from Z struck her with a bullet. Hotaru deliberately pops a balloon in her face to shut her up and says that they need to be careful because if they act recklessly and make a mistake, Mikan will be dragged into a deeper and worse situation because of them. She suggests that they all wear mushroom transmitters and earplugs to spy on Reo and his men, and figure out what the Elementary Principle is up to regarding Z's arrival. Meanwhile, Shiki notices that the barrier has lightened and knows it's the ESP's doing, which makes him and the MSP grow more concerned that the ESP is getting a step closer to his next plan.

Reo arrives in the Academy and many of the students (mostly girls) go crazy, which shocks Hotaru and a few other Class B students. Hotaru points out that only a few people know of Reo being a member of Z and of what happened with Natsume and Mikan in the kidnapping plot. Reo talks about the ESP and the relation between the ESP and Z's boss, unaware that Narumi, who is wearing one of the transmitters, is spying on them. A guard for Z commnets on how Reo seems jealous of the boss' connection to the ESP, which he denies. The ESP welcolmes Z's boss, who kneels to him and the ESP pats his head. Meanwhile, Natsume and Ruka, who are listening to Reo's conversation through the transmitters, discover that Z is in the Academy with intents on killing the ESP and destroy the Academy in the process. Alerted, Ruka starts asking on what they are going to do. Natsume says that in order to save Mikan, they need to get to the Elementary Principle first but disagrees on the idea of destroying the Academy. Then, Tsubasa and Tono show up.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

  • When and How are they planning to kill the ESP?
  • What do Tsubasa and Tono have to say about this?

Memorable Moments


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