Title- Turnabouts


Chapter 147 Cover

Date- May 20th, 2011

Volume 25

Previous Chapter → 146

Next Chapter → 148


Ruka is surprised at Natsume's request and realizes that Natsume is expecting to die soon. Tsubasa, who is still nearby, is silent.

It's New Year's Day, and as expected, Mikan is forbidden from attending the activities, but she is smiling that she recieved cards from her friends. Meanwhile, Shiki calls Narumi into his office and asks him if he would want to serve as a spy for the academy on Z. Shiki explains that he suspects that the ESP is beginning secret relations with Z in an attempt to bring Z into the academy and gaining control over it. Wanting to protect Mikan, Narumi agrees even if it will cost him his life. At the hospital, Persona remembers Nobara's pleas for him to stop working alongside with the ESP and apologize for what he did to Mikan. Persona, appearing remorseful, leaves a flower by Nobara's hospital room and leaves quietly.

While walking down the hallway, Narumi sees Natsume waiting for him. Natsume asks if Narumi has information about the ESP so he can get information to help Mikan, which Narumi says no and is surprised that Natsume has the Will Alice, which Natsume uses to twist Narumi's arms behind his back, and push him a safe distance away, as to not get showered by pheromones. Natsume says that he will never give up on protecting Mikan from the ESP, and for the sake of her mother, he won't stop until everything settles. Natsume tells Narumi that he and Narumi are alike because of their desires to protect the women they love. Natsume also says that leaving Mikan and continuing living is the same as ebing dead, considering the short time he has left. Narumi tries to assure Natsume that his life may not be as short as he thinks, but Natsume grabs him and says that he won't be like him: living with sorrow like a zombie. Natsume says that he wants to live until the very end as full as it gets, for the sake of his and Mikan's future, and that he wants him and Mikan to have a different future than the tragic one thier parents had. Narumi criticizes Natsume for poking into his business and calls him a pain, and hits him. Natsume leaves with a frown but narumi runs up to him and says that he hasn't agreed to not tell him anything.

Back at the Elementary building, Hotaru and Sumire are approached by two excited girls who show them a magazine with Reo in it and say that he is coming to the New Year's festivities, which shocks and horrifies both girls.



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