Title- Fears
Chapter 146

Chapter 146

Date- May 2nd, 2011

Volume 25

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Shiki is discussing the next move of the Elementary Principle with the HSP and MSP. He says that the ESP may be planning to to regain his stolen Alice stones in order to gain the power to create more clones and take over Z by destroying Z's boss.

Ruka asks Natsume if he's going somewhere and Natsume tells him that he saw Mikan, but is too embarrassed to bring up the kissing. Ruka is thrilled that Natsume and Mikan's wishes have been fulfilled and how amazing Christmas is. Tsubasa sees them and Natsume coughs up blood. He tries to hide it from Ruka, who grabs Natsume's hand and sees the blood. He says that he knew of Natsume's illness all along and wishes that he would not hide it from him any longer. Ruka further says that he wishes to support Natsume and doesn't regret coming to the academy with him. Natsume is apparently touched by Ruka's words and admitts that he is actually afraid of dying. He is afraid of the next year and how much longer his heart will be able to work the way it does. But Natsume says that while he wants to live, he is more afraid of not being able to see Mikan again and not being able to live together with her forever. He wants to have a future with her and wants to save her from the darkness more than anything. Ruka assures Natsume that he will always be supporting Mikan and Natsume's future, even if he is not as strong as either of them. At the end of the chapter, when Ruka asks for something Natsume wants him to do, Natsume asks Ruka to take care of Mikan for him in case something happens to him in the near future.



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