Title- Conditions
Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Cover

Date- October 20th, 2010

Volume 24

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The ESP refuses Shiki's proposal calling him a criminal and telling him to know his place, but the ESP is clearly uneasy. Shiki threatens that he will leave the academy with Mikan and using the Wish Alice he pulls towards him the only other people that he wants to take with him. Suddenly an explosion causes the windows to break. A Fuukitai states that Z is bombing all divisions. Outside the building students and the intruders are fighting including Tsubasa and Misaki. Seeing this Mikan begs Shiki to fix the barrier, because she can't leave with things like this and her mother wouldn't either. Mikan recalls that the school has caused her memories that she wants to run away from, but the academy is where everyone belongs and fates have entwined here. With Shiki's help they can take back the school and change it for the better. The Fuukitai then report that the enemies are now infiltrating the high school division prompting them to ask for the barrier to please put up. The ESP comes to a decision to agree to all but one of Shiki's conditions.

Tsubasa accompanied with Misaki are outside the high school building along with other students. They are fighting the Z enemies and the odds are against them as the enemy keeps increasing. All of a sudden due to the combined force of Jinno's Alice and Tono's Alice the all the enemies are electrified. However, the students are protected by Shiki's Barrier Alice. The condition that the ESP refuses regards the one about Mikan Sakura. Narumi, Natsume, and the rest of her friends tell her to reject the ESP's order, but she agrees because she wants to save her friends and the school from Z. Meanwhile the Fuukitai gather Z prisoners and elsewhere Shizune notices that Hi-sama is looking better. News spread about the new Middle School Principal, Shiki Masachika, which other students accepts gladly. Shiki who has laid down Yuka's body approches Mikan and apologizes to her. Mikan thanks Shiki for all he has done and gives him a tearful smile. Narumi follows suit and gives her hug while Natsume watches sadly. Shiki picks up Yuka's body, giving an order to open the gate and saying he won't escape. He does this to fulfill Yuka's promise to Kaoru to pass through the gate one day. He appears to give her a kiss and announces that she is free.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

  • What will happen to Mikan now?

Memorable Moments


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