Title- A Warrior, A Mother

Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Cover

Date- September 18th, 2010

Volume 24

Previous Chapter → 136 and Volume 23

Next Chapter → 138


Reference to chapter 136, as Yuka puts the key into the keyhole and turns, it suddenly explodes. Everyone is in shock, including the Fuukitai and Luna. Yuka suffers serious injuries and is at the point between life and death. Mikan rushes over and repeatedly calls out, "Mother". Narumi is injured as well, but is still alive as Yuka had sheilded him from the explosion. Yuka's breathing is inconsistent and Mikan is afraid of losing her mother, who she had just reunited with. Natsume pulls off the healing stone alice from his neck and gives it to Mikan. Shiki intructs Mikan to insert the stone into Yuka, who comes around for a moment and reaches to touch Mikan's face. Even Luna was touched by the scene. Yuka utters, "Mikan...", caresses the crying Mikan's head and thinks of her past and her promise to not let Mikan go through the same experience she had and to never leave her daughter alone again. Luna stutters to have the ambulance and fire department contacted.

Meanwhile, the 'Tsubasa' that had handed the key to Yuka changes back into Goshima. The real Tsubasa, Subaru, Hotaru and Sakurano rush to the scene. The Fuukitai lend a hand in trying to rescue Yuka, and Mikan realises that Luna's soul-sucking mark on the Fuukitai has dissapeared. Luna stands worriedly at one side, remembering the days she had with Yuka. Then Yuka says, "I'm sorry, Luna...", and stops breathing. One of the Fuukitai calls out that Yuka's heart has stopped beating, and Luna shouts, "Yuka-Cha----" and is in shock, Mikan cries out for her mother, and Narumi screams, "Senpai!". Hotaru, Tsubasa, Subaru and Sakurano arrive on the scene, and witness everyone crying over Yuka's death. Yuka mentally apologizes to Mikan, and Yukihara tells her that it is ok and she has already gone through so much. The chapter ends off with Yukihara carrying Yuka away.


  • The scene where Yuki carries a long-haired Yuka in a wedding dress is from the cover of Chapter 134.


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