Gakuen Alice Chapter 136 jp

Title- At the Brink

Date- August 20th, 2010

Volume 23

Previous Chapter → 135

Next Chapter → 137 and Volume 24


After all the struggles, Mikan and Yuka are reunited. Mikan rushes to Yuka, embracing her mother while crying tears of joy. Yuka also sheds tender tears and returns the hug, apologizing for the cold treatment that she displayed when they first met and promises to support Mikan for now on. Yuka tells Mikan that she loves her and Mikan does to. Luna interrupts them and Yuka begs Luna to stop hurting herself, noticing that Luna's body is in a terrible condition. Luna ignores Yuka's words and remarks that Yuka is the one who had always been loved and cared-for by others that's why she cannot understand her. Luna then orders the Fuukitai to attack.

The group runs away by teleporting to make things harder for their pursuers. They separate into two groups. Shiki uses Telepathy to give Yuka the news that Goshima is a traitor and on the ESP's side. He suggest that Yuka leave Narumi behind, so that Mikan and Yuka can escape without needing to get the key. Yuka doesn't know what to choose she believes that she cannot betray Narumi, at least not till the last moment. After saving Mikan and Narumi from a enemy Natsume takes Mikan's hand and runs to the Keyhole. Luna and the Fuukitai are not far behind. They find Tsubasa there who gives Yuka the key. Yuka inserts the key, but suddenly the Keyhole explodes!



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

  • What happened to Mikan and Yuka?
  • Why did the Keyhole blow up?

Memorable Moments

  • Mikan and Yuka are finally reunited and they hugged.


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