Gakuen Alice Chapter 135 jp

Title- Reunion

Date- August 5th, 2010

Volume 23

Previous Chapter → 134

Next Chapter → 136


Tsubasa is concerned about Natsume going alone to find Mikan. Tono tells him that Natsume should see Mikan again, because Natsume's fate is uncertain, and that even if they tried to stop him, he would still go see her. Tono says that when Mikan returns, he may not be alive to see her again, or his body will not be in a healthy state by then, so it is important that he see her. Misaki-sensei has found Narumi thanks to Yuka telling him through her Telepathy Alice. Narumi refuses to go. He can't go on going through the same feeling again when he lost Yuka years ago. Yuka is at the meeting place; the Keyhole. The moon is almost about to go, rendering the Keyhole unusable. She feels that Mikan is very near. Meanwhile Goshima and the ESP are discussing Shiki. Mikan and Yuka should be able to escape the academy easily, since Hi-sama is to weak to use her Barrier Alice and Shiki has a Barrier Alice on the same level as hers. Meaning the fact that they have the key is useless. Shiki finds Yuka and tells her that she and Mikan can borrow his power, instead of using the Keyhole as means of escaping. Suddenly Yuka and Shiki are surrounded by the Fuukitai.

Narumi has also arrived at the Keyhole. He and Yuka stare and then hug each other. Yuka notices that she can't let go of these arms holding her, even though she promised to never fall in love again. Narumi tells Yuka that he is no longer the kid he was back then and says that he will go with Yuka. Shiki telepathically converse with Yuka that he will support which ever choice she chooses- using his Barrier Alice or using the Keyhole to take Narumi with them. Yuka chooses the to get the Key to the Keyhole, not wanting to push Narumi away from her again. Elsewhere Mikan and Ruka teleport to the High school Building and are confronted by student police and teleport again, where they find Natsume injured; he has just defeated some Fuukitai. Mikan scans his injuries and is baffled that he is here. After she hears him telepathically says he never wants to let go of her hand, Mikan and Natsume share a hug. Mikan is told by Natsume that he wants to be there at the very last moment she'll be here and never wants to separate from her, while Mikan has thoughts that she doesn't want to be separated from him too. Yuka, Shiki, Narumi and Misaki have finally arrived. Both mother and daughter have met at last.



New Characters

New Alices

Yuka Azumi- Telepathy Alice; Temporary Alice

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