Gakuen Alice Chapter 133 jp

Title- Is This Goodbye?

Date- June 19, 2010

Volume 23

Previous Chapter → 132

Next Chapter → 134


Shiki and a few Hana Hime members surround Hi-sama's bed and the High School Principal is also resting. Hi-sama tells Shiki to be free like Yuka and the others, something she and the High School Principal are not able to. Elsewhere Sakurano, Jinno, and Hotaru are struggling with fighting Subaru, who is healing his wounds after each attack. If this keeps going on Subaru and those who are also affected by Luna's Alice will damage their bodies behind repair. In a flashback a young Subaru is begging a young Sakurano to use his (Sakurano's) Telepathy Alice to warn his family about the academy going after his little sister. Back in the present Jinno releases a volt of electricity into Subaru's body causing him to fall to his knees. Hotaru brushes aside Jinno's warning to stay away from Subaru and goes to his side. Subaru takes this chance to apply his Pain Alice on her.

Someplace else Luna is informed again to not push herself and like the other times dismisses this. She orders the Fuukitai to head to the High School Division where Yuka is. Meanwhile Narumi awakens to find that Yuka has left once more. Back to Hotaru and Subaru it turns out that Subaru instead heals a wound on Hotaru's head, bypassing Luna's Alice with his will to protect his sister and tells her to run. Hotaru noticing Luna's Alice in Subaru neck is reaching a limit and hurting him pleads for Subaru to stop healing her. Before the Fuukitai attack reaches the two defenseless siblings Hayate and Yo-chan arrive just in time to save them. Hotaru realizes that she is holding Luna's Alice stone and cries. When she is asked by Subaru why she is crying Hotaru replies that its a secret and says to herself that Mikan's Alice is the greatest of all.

Tono plans to split up with Mikan going with Ruka and leaving him, Natsume and Tsubasa behind to defend against the Fuukitai. As she departs Mikan's Telepathy Alice has her feel Natsume's feelings, which she notes to be strong, intense, and painful, comparing it to a scream.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


  • (Hi-sama to Shiki)- "There's nothing for you to worry about... Masachika... Don't become like me... Go and freely spread your wings like Yuka and the others, out from the cage that this academy is... Enjoy the freedom that I and the High School Principal wasn't able to"
  • (Subaru)- "I just want to protect my sister, at least her whatever happens."
  • (Mikan feeling Natsume's feelings)- "A feeling so strong, intense, and painful... almost like a scream......... these are Natsume's feelings...! Mikan"

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