Gakuen Alice Chapter 131 jp

Title- Hotaru Bids Farewell

Date- May 20th, 2010

Volume 23

Previous Chapter → Chapter 130 and Volume 22

Next Chapter → Chapter 132


The Fuukitai is ordering the DA class to get Nobara, but they ignore the order, seeing Nobara still a comrade. Impatient, one of the Fuukitai attempt to capture Nobara himself, yet is stopped by Hayate's Wind Maniuplation Alice. The other DA members follow Hayate's actions and also attack the Fuukitai with their Alices. Rui explains to Nobara that he understands her feelings, so as her friends he won't allow Persona to be handed back to the ESP. Nobara collapses, thinking that this time she will protect Persona. At Mikan's Group Tsubasa is being asked if its okay with him that he didn't go with Megane to save Misaki. He replies that the woman he loves is strong and that she will yell at him for going to her, confriming that Tsubasa is indeed in love with Misaki. Ruka then slips, which opens the barrier for second, resulting in the Fuukitai loctating them and attacking them.

In the middle of the Fuukitai is Subaru Imai, who is under Luna's Alice, healing the wounded Fuukitai members. Hotaru is shocked and speaks about a "bad feeling" becoming reality.Mikan teleports to Subaru to try to remove Luna's alice, but Subaru stops her by applying pain to Mikan with his Pain Alice. Mikan is saved by Jinno's alice accompained by Sakurano, who found them using Sakarano's Telepathy Alice. Jinno hits Mikan on the head for being reckless, like he use do to Yukihira, and in his mind he is glad they are safe. Sakurano tells Mikan to let them take care of things and leave, since time is running out to use the Keyhole. Hotaru then tells Mikan to teleport and that she will stay here. Hotaru also says to her that she will regret never truely talking to her brother and that she wants her brother back.



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Memorable Moments


  • (Tsubasa about Misaki)- "The woman I love is strong. She won't lose. If I leave you here to go help her she'll yell at me."
  • (Hotaru about Subaru)- "If I leave now I am sure I will spend the rest of my life regretting... I haven't talked anything with my brother nothing... so many things to ask him... things to tell him... I dont' want that time to be the last... I want my brother back... Mikan... go I'll be alright."

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