Title- Nobara: A Farewell and A Reunion
Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Cover

Date- April 14th, 2010

Volume 22

Previous Chapter → 128

Next Chapter → 130


As the group teleports Nobara thanks Mikan for what she has done for her and wishes her to be safe. When the group arrives at a different place Mikan urges that they should go back to bring Nobara with them, but Natsume disagrees. He tells her that even if she doesn't understand Nobara's choice, she must go to her mother. Nobara is then seen uncharactersticly using her alice to freeze the pursers, which easily gives her location to Persona and the dangerous ability class. Next Youchi (in his 13 year old form) and Hayate are seen running when Youchi senses that Nobara is in danger. Hayate wants to save (Cool Blue Sky) Hotaru, so he doesn't want to help Nobara. Persona takes off his mask and questions Nobara for using her alice that she hates, which caused her to be hyponotized for her to use it. She answers that she now has friends who she wishes to protect and that Persona should stop shutting people out. Persona is angered by her words and sees them pitful. At Mikan's group Natsume is seen coughing up blood and wonders whether he can protect Mikan till the end with his body's condition, this is seen by Ruka and Tsubasa. Ruka then collapes from the use of the barrier alice and it seems they are found by the pursers again. This turns out to be a false alarm and turns out to be the Special Ability class. Megane gives information to Tsubasa that Misaki and all those captured are being turned into soldiers by Luna's alice. Megane asks Tsubasa to come with them to save Misaki and the others who were captuered. Nobara has frozen both Hajime and Rui to not have them involved. Nobara announces to Persona that she will be the last person that will effected by his alice.



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