Title- Nobara, Mikan, and DA Class
Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Cover

Date- March 20th, 2010

Volume 22

Previous Chapter → 127

Next Chapter → 129


In a flashback we see Nobara crying, because she was rejected again for trying to make a female friend. Rui reassures her that he will be her "girl" friend and kicks Hayate for calling Nobara yucky. In the present both Rui and appear sadden at the events that has caused them to fight against their comrades, Nobara, Hayate, and Youichi. It is learned that like Persona Nobara was also abandoned by her parents. Spending all this time with him Nobara knows she has greatly hurt him by her chose to go against him. The group decide to teleport again and it is discovered that Ruka is protecting them with a barrier alice when he pushes Mikan away from a bird. Nobara then comes up with a descion and leaves to stop her former comrades alone, yet as she stays behind Natsume notices and comes to the conclusion that she is betraying to them tell Persona. Nobara responds that she is going to stop her comrades alone and has no regrets choosing Mikan over her colluages, but still cares for them. By convincing them Nobara confesses that this will be the first time she can be proud of her ice alice. Mikan then tells Hotaru how she can hear her mother's warm voice from Sakarano's second alice, Telepathy. Ruka notices that the pursers are coming, so the group teleports, but Nobara stays behind to fight them herself.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


(Nobara to Natsume and the group) "However..... I still can't abandon them." "I will stop them." "Whatever happens... If I can save Mikan-chan... if i can save them... if my powers can be of use to be able to do that... then this is the first time that i can be proud of my alice."

(Mikan commenting on hearing Yuka's voice) "This voice that's calling me... that echos in my chest all along... this voice, Hotaru what do you think? it's full of sorrow, full of pain I wonder if it's mother's...? It's so warm

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