Title- Revelations
Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Cover

Date- February 20th, 2010

Volume 22

Previous Chapter → 126

Next Chapter → 128


Noda does as Tono says takes the Fukitaki into his time space usings his alice. Before he leaves he wishes Mikan luck with meeting her mother. Tsubasa becomes furious for Tono letting Noda leave. Tono remembers what Hayami told him "The traitor is", "The Special Ability Class". Nobara stops the tension revealing that some Fukitaki members still remain and uses her ice alice on them. The group leaves uses Mikan's teleportation alice. Meanwhile at the ESP's office Persona tells the Dangerous Ability students to capture Nobara to give her a life she will regret for being a traitor. Luna also appears no longer a child and in her original form. Luna says that she is reserving energy to end the tag game between her and Yuka. Elsewhere Yuka hears a voice calling for her, Mikan who using her Telepathy Alice. Yuka is aware that Luna is using students with her alice and pleads that Luna she stop being stupid. The group unfortunately teleports outside where the students after them are. A student is hostile, saying he did not want to become like those who refused and he will be rewarded with their capture. As they attack Natsume unleashing his alice that appears different, because of Sakurano's Wish Alice. He stops when Ruka warns Natsume he will suffer again if someone would get hurt. Natsume orders to try to teleport again, not messing up this time, and he appears confident. The teachers are worried about the chaos of the academy. Students across the school are gossiping about of the ESP and what he has done, and trying to find out the history of the academy, like Yuki's death. Misaki comes to a resolution and leaves the room. Persona spies at the group . He thinks about Yuki and how he is know alone, since Nobara is gone.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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