Title- Who's the Traitor?
Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Cover

Date- February 5th, 2010

Volume 22

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Mikan praying to her mother, father, and everyone else puts a single alice stone in each of her friends. Meanwhile Yuka is with Narumi. It turns that during the ESP's attack Narumi took a tranquilizer dart aimed at Yuka. She then quickly teleported to a safer location and they are currently under Hi-sama's and Shiki's protection. Yuka feeling very guilty decides to completely leave Narumi after she successfully heals his injuries. Her other attempts haven't worked. Narumi stops her, grabbing on to her hand like he did years before. Yuka telling him she makes his life miserable. Narumi interrupts her and confesses that he regrets using his alice on her and leaving Yuka on her own. He says to Yuka that he is not a child and will go outside with her. He then embraces Yuka. Back at Mikan's group no one, but Noda (Amplification) and Mikan (Instant Teleportation) knows their new alice, which puts them at a disadvantage. Time Traveling to the time of ESP's attack wont' work, because of the signals from Noda's bracelet. Hayami finding out more news approaches Tono telling him that with his alice he heard voices from the Hana Hime Den about a traitor. At the Hana Hime Den everyone is seen shocked from Youichi's revelation about the traitor. The traitor happens to be in Mikan's group. Hi-sama who usually doesn't interfere tells Hayate and Youichi they should go help Mikan's group. She is being so risky, because of what has happened in the past and Kaoru's death. She also says she has lived long enough and weakly leaves only saying that she she is relying on them to Youichi and Hayate. Elsewhere Shiki is with a injured HSP protecting them with a barrier, he says Hi-sama's name, probably knowing what is going on. At Mikan's group the pursers have arrived. Natsume protects Mikan with his flames and tells her to teleport away. Tono then orders Tsubasa to gather the pursers and Noda to take them into time space with his time traveling alice.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

  • Who is the traitor?

Memorable Moments


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