Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Cover

Title- Kounji Has Moved

Date- December 5th, 2009

Volume 21

Previous Chapter → Chapter 123

Next Chapter → Chapter 125 and Volume 22


Yoichi is told to run away to the Hana Hime Den, as his captured friends tell him, that he should say that they saw "Him". "He" is an unknown person, whose face is unseen to the reader, staying next to the ESP, while Yo-chan and Misaki are in a snitch. Mikan and everyone return from the Time Travel trip to find people missing and the HSP's office a mess. Nodacchi wonders what has happened, since there was a lag in time, meaning they returned an hour after their departure. He also says that they would have shared the same fate if they arrived earlier.

Hayami bursts into the room and explains to them what has happened while they were gone. He was only able to hear that the ESP was looking for Mikan and Yuka with his Sharp Hearing Alice. Mikan is worried about her mother and remembers herself saying she wouldn't run away with her. Hayami admits that he doesn't know if Yuka was captured, but he heard a rumor about Subaru Imai being captured. Tono asks if they can go back to past, although it turns out to be impossible, because the ESP has been sending signals to his bracelet, from the time Mikan accidently fell into the time hole. Tsubasa is also unable to, because the lack of power left in the Time Travel Alice stone that was inserted in him by Yuka. Natsume says to Mikan that they should stop chatting, being that the most important thing is that the ESP doesn't get Mikan and Yuka and that he promised to protect her. Everyone agrees with Natsume and in unison says that they will cause trouble. At Hana Hime Den Hayate who was left behind is irritating Hi-sama. Shizune manages to convince Hi-sama to take him in as a chore boy, being that he could be useful. Somewhere Mikan's friends are put in a cage, where they find that Subaru has been put under the influence of Luna's alice.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

  • Who is "Him"?

Memorable Moments


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