Title- Changing Hearts


Chapter 121 Cover

Date- October 5th, 2009

Volume 21

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The chapter starts from where it left off, with Natsume telling Mikan that he isn't going to die and leave her behind. Mikan cries silently in Natsume's arms as he holds her. Then Natsume turns to Ruka with a troubled look, knowing Ruka's feelings for Mikan. But Ruka tearfully smiles and telepathically tells Natsume not to feel guilty for loving Mikan and to never let go of her hand. He also admits that he loved Mikan too, but that Natsume needed her more than he did, because for Natsume, Mikan was like "the sun in the darkness". Ruka also says that only Natsume can protect her and he is really the one Mikan loves. Ruka believes that, because of Mikan and Natsume's family history, they were fated to be together forever.The scene switches to Yuka, running with baby Mikan clutched tightly in her arms, in the middle of a snowstorm. Then she notices that Mikan has a fever, and instantly gets worried, saying, "She looks so tired and she's not moving". She continues saying that she won't be able to protect the child herself and mentally cries for Izumi. Just then Mikan's adoptive grandfather finds her there. Since he used to work at a nursery, he persuades Yuka to let him hold Mikan and calls a doctor. Later, Yuka wakes up in a terrible condition, injured. Oji-san (Mikan's adoptive grandfather) informs her that Mikan's condition was worsening, and that she was with the doctor, whom he told that Mikan was his granddaughter. He also tells her that she (Yuka) had some poison in her from her injuries. Although thankful for the man's help, Yuka is worried that the academy is close to finding them. Sure enough, the academy's people show up at the man's house, looking for Yuka. In that moment, Yuka makes a difficult decision: she leaves Mikan with the old man because the academy doesn't know her existence and therefore can not tie Yuka to her and the man. Before teleporting away, she asks the man to take care of Mikan. Yuka cries and thinks about all that she's lost. Most importantly her beloved izumi and the happy family she wanted to have with him. She faints in the snow as she thinks of these things.



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