Title- Mikan's Birth


Chapter 120 Cover

Date- September 18th, 2009

Volume 21

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The continuing scene from chapter 119, when Mikan is born. Yuka cries as she sees her and Izumi's newborn daughter, still thinking of Izumi. Mikan also cries as she watches the overwhelming moment between her mother and herself from her birth. Yuka wants to steal Mikan's Alice because she is afraid that an Alice would burden Mikan and make her unhappy. However, Kaoru stops her and tells her that Mikan was born with an Alice for a reason and asks that she give Mikan a chance of growing up as an Alice child. Although she is still afraid, Yuka reluctantly agrees. While recovering, Yuka finds out that Kaoru is married (to the same student she was caught making out with by Yuka and Izumi) and that Kaoru is pregnant. Kaoru has become a frelance journalist with no permanent address due to that they are followed by the academy. Yuka agrees to come live with Kaoru since she has no where else to go.

Once, when the scene switches to the window in which Mikan and the others are watching everything replay, Natsume, starts coughing, and clutches a necklace with an alice stone.

Over the next several months, they flee and move to several towns to avoid the academy from finding them. After settling into another home, Kaoru, who is heavily pregnant, has grown even more tired and is said to be collapsing more. Yuka is worried for her, but Kaoru assures her that she and the baby (Natsume) are alright. Wanting to help Kaoru in the least bit, Yuka gives her Subaru's Healing Alice stone, the same stone that she later gives Natsume. Some time later, they are forced to flee again. However, Kaoru is sick again and can barely keep up. Ultimately concluding that she has been burdening her best friend, Yuka tearfully says goodbye to Kaoru and tells her that she can take care of Mikan and herself alone, and thanks her for all her support before teleporting.

The scene shifts back to Mikan and the group. Natsume remembers when his mother gave him the Healing Stone, not long after Aoi was born ans he was a toddler. Kaoru told him to cling to it and use it to protect those he cared for. Mikan, realizing the similarities between her and Natsume to Yuka and Kaoru, asks Natsume if he has the same illness as his mother. Feeling that she had burdened Natsume for never realizing his illness, she apologizes and cries. Natsume pulls her into an embrace, telling her that he won't die and that he can never leave her behind.



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