Title- Reunion

Date- September 5th, 20
Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Cover


Volume 21

Previous Chapter → Chapter 118 and Volume 20

Next Chapter → Chapter 120


Yuka finds out that she is pregnant with Izumi's child and cries. Mikan cries as well, as her friends look on with awe and comfort her. The teachers take Yuka to the Warpole doors to help her escape from the academy and the Elementary Principle. The High School Principle asks Yuka where she wants to go and she replies her parents' house. The teachers tell her to be careful and she rubs her stomach. She then makes her escape and is teleported to her parents' house. Her mother finds her and brings her in. Yuka reunites with her younger brothers, but they obviously don't remember her and don't want to come close to her. Her parents secretly notify the academy and tell them that Yuka is here with the. They do this because they don't want to take care of her, as doing so would be troubling to them. Yuka sees the academy's people showing up at the house, and fearing for her parents and brothers' safety, she says goodbye to ehr brothers and teleoprts away. According to Nodacchi, Yuka wandered around during her whole pregnancy. By the end of pregnancy, Yuka found Kaoru's address and went to her house. Meanwhile, Kaoru has been looking for Yuka herself after the High School Principle informed her of Yuka's escape and pregnancy. Kaoru's husband tells Kaoru that she must also be careful because she, too, is pregnant. Just then, Kaoru senses Yuka and rushes to her side. Yuka goes into labor and is forced to give birth with the help of Kaoru and her husband. As she gives birth, Yuka imagines Izumi holding Mikan, happily announcing it is a girl and her name is Mikan.



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